The Festival dissolves

Just three weeks ago we watched as the 2019 Summer Festival appeared out of emptiness. Now the Festival is over, the people are gone and, like mist lifting, everything begins to dissolve back into emptiness . . .

Festival wrap

The Festival concluded today with a presentation of the Story of Atisha. This was a public rehearsal of a play that will be presented at the Fall Festival in Arizona. Another reason to be there!

The source of all the great good fortune we have enjoyed

As the Festival draws to a close, we focus especially on the source of all the great good fortune we have enjoyed during the last two weeks – the sublime, compassionate intention in the mind of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Mixing Kadam Dharma with our heart

With just a couple of days remaining naturally thoughts turn to returning home and how to keep the magic of the Festival alive in our hearts when we return to the the realities of daily life.

A Festival run on kindness & a Temple built on kindness

Today we celebrate the great kindness of others, and especially the kindness of all the volunteers working to help Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche’s extraordinary vision become a reality.

The books of Modern Kadampa Buddhism

Throughout the Festival site we see people absorbed in Venerable Geshe-la’s books, reading memorising, discussing. It could be said that they are the very lifeline of the Festival.

The Protector of Modern Kadampa Buddhism

Dorje Shugden is an enlightened being, the same nature as Je Tsongkhapa himself, and that Je Tsongkhapa has manifested this precious Dharma Protector to protect the lineage of Kadam Dharma and prolong its presence in our world

Free day

The free day at the Summer Festival but work day at IKRC Grand Canyon

Going deeper into retreat

The second day of retreat in the first week of the 2019 Summer Festival, and thoughts begin to turn to the chance to go deeper into retreat after the Festival

Dharma Flouring

Flourishing Kadam Dharma in the Heart

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