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01 August 2019

Summer Festival 2019

Day 7

Going deeper into retreat

"Memorising is just holding something with your mind that you love and becoming familiar with it."

Festival life


Looking forward to post festival retreat


Summer Post-festival Retreats

Step outside the main door during the Festival and you are greeted by a colorful array of banners promoting post-festival retreats organised by Kadampa centers around the world. These increasingly popular retreats, which vary in length from a few days to a week or more, provide an opportunity to go even deeper into retreat on the Festival teachings.

My First Festival


Alejandra Medina Otazo & Cristian Arancibia Escobar


"Coming here as a family is a profoundly different sort of holiday to share. It’s a beautiful, tranquil place and we love the teachings."

"Retreat' has the connotation of 'withdrawing' and signifies that on retreat we withdraw from ordinary activities, especially ordinary speech and ordinary minds, and focus on contemplating and meditating on meaningful objects. In this way we try to mix our mind with the objects we have been taught at a deeper level,

Imagine then, the impact of focusing like this with hundreds of others who are doing the same. When we do group retreat at the Festival, with so many other meditators in the sessions we experience a tremendous buoyancy in our mind so that whenever it wanders we can quickly and easily refocus on the object.

And outside of the sessions too we benefit from the power of our fellow-retreaters to keep us focused on the practices of subsequent attainment. On these retreats our mind mixes more readily with the instructions and stays focused for longer, leaving a deep impression that stays with us long after we return to our normal daily life.

Little wonder then that for many their Festival experience is not complete without the opportunity to engage in some retreat, either during the Festival or after the Festival.. or both.

Its not too late to book for the post Summer Festival retreats, either online or at the stalls outside the main door at the Festival.

Listen to 5 minutes of wisdom

Being a good example to others

What people are saying

001_Eric Anstrousse_79

Eric Anstrousse


“I consider the sadhana we are learning to be very important for me and my future practice. I’m not sure why yet, but that’s how it feels. I’m really touched by a lot of the descriptions in the prayers, which are very precise and profound.”

002_Jose Ignacio Giménez Marco_83

Jose Ignacio Giménez Marco


"I’ve been coming to the festivals for nearly ten years now and I’m delighted to be participating in this retreat - I recommend everyone do the same. I’m deepening my knowledge of Mahamudra in this retreat, which is a very good experience."

003_Catherine Hofmann_86

Catherine Hofmann


"These meditations are very stimulating and they change your mind. When I go back home to Paris I will take a lot of positive energy with me from the retreat, and I will also take much love and a peaceful mind back to my family."

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NKT - KMC BARCELONA - 2024 (23)

Inspiring retreats before the Summer Festival

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Renovations have started in Rio de Janiero


Everyone welcome!