05 August 2019

Summer Festival 2019

Day 15

Festival wrap

The Festival Play - The Story of Atisha

The Festival concluded today with a presentation of the Story of Atisha. This was a public rehearsal of a play that will be presented at the Fall Festival in Arizona. Another reason to be there!

My First Festival

Filip Halen

Filip Halen


“Being here feels like coming home. In an ordinary setting you might get some strange responses if you were happy all the time, but here it’s normal to be happy. During these two weeks I’ve had a very clear mind and I’ve never had this before, so I hope this will have a positive impact on others when I get home. I will be back next year!"

faces of contentment

Finally, a gallery of some Festival faces that speak for themselves! See you at the next Festival!

Listen to 5 minutes of wisdom

The Preciousness Of Our Lineage

What people are saying


Ruben Vilalta-Martinez


“My experience from this festival is going to give me more insight into the profound process of Tantra we have been learning about. I want to get better at my practice, and as part of this, to help my friends and family by my example and the changes I am making in my life bit by bit, day by day."


Ingrid Blain


“I want to practice the Buddha of purification. Before this festival he felt a bit distant. But now he feels more in my heart. I will begin slowly, but later it will be very established in my heart."


Mariko Fuji


"Coming to this festival is like charging a battery for me. I’m from Tokyo and I want to go back to Japan and share what I have learned here and help Dharma flourish. For me faith in Geshe-la is most important - he is the gateway to all the Buddhas. With strong faith we want to do our best, and if we do our best everything is okay."

Gudrun Grimpe

Gudrun Grimpe


“The Tantric practices moved me deeply and I have experienced a small, but significant shift in my mind, which is very precious. I like to think that the ‘festival world’ and the ‘real world’ are not two separate worlds, but that I can integrate the two. Buddhist teachings and Tantric teachings are for our life, so of course, they work!"


Dao Thauvin


“This is my twenty-first consecutive Summer Festival. I’ve been coming with my parents since I was a baby. I have friends I’ve known here since I was little, so we have grown up together, like a family. It’s one of the places where I know the most people. I teach computer science, and when I go back home I will be re-energised and able to practice patience easily with my students."