Resident Teachers preparing for the Festival

July 22, 2024

On Sunday, Resident Teachers participating in the International Teacher Training Program took a break from their studies to contribute to the Summer Festival Preparations.

Preparations are underway, the Festival is very close

July 21, 2024

This year, from 26th July to 10th August 2024, Manjushri KMC is hosting the annual International Summer Festival. In preparation for this wonderful event hundreds of both local and international volunteers, as well as kind professional workers, are joyfully working together to make everything ready for Festival attendees.

New Kadampa Centres for Spain in Girona and Murcia

July 20, 2024

Two new developments are happening in Spain. In Girona they are almost ready for the official opening in September and in Murcia they have purchased a new property in the historic center of Murcia city.

Discover the Tharpa Summer Festival Shop

July 19, 2024

The Tharpa Festival Shop is a key part of the International Summer Festival 2024 experience. It provides everything you need to support your spiritual practice during the Festival and beyond. The Shop offers a special opportunity to buy all Festival-related Tharpa products, such as books, art and sadhanas, as well as new and updated products.

Inspiring retreats before the Summer Festival

July 18, 2024

During the month of July, deep and inspiring retreats were held at KMC Barcelona, KMC Hong Kong and Lamrim KBC (Lyon, France).
A perfect preparation for the International Summer Festival

Renovations have started in Rio de Janiero

July 17, 2024

Renovations at the new building for KMC Rio have started and things are moving quickly. Kadampa practitioners from our international community are arriving soon to help with the work, because there is a lot to do before it is ready to become a place of refuge in Rio.

Everyone welcome!

July 16, 2024

In recent weeks some Kadampa Centers have opened their doors in a variety of ways to allow many people to find and get to know the Kadampa Tradition.
Here Madhyamaka KMC with its annual Fair, Nargarjuna KMC with its Summer Fete and, in Buenos Aires, Nagarjuna KBC with its Open Doors.

Nagarjuna’s intention at KMC New York

July 13, 2024

The Nagarjuna’s Middle Way silent retreat at KMC New York with Resident Teacher, Gen Samten Kelsang, brought over 150 people from all over the US and Canada.

Flourishing Kadam Dharma in the Heart

July 12, 2024

Before the International Summer Festival, Kadampa Centers are organizing activities to accumulate much merit and to allow Kadam Dharma to flourish in the heart. Here are the events arranged by the Los Angeles, Phoenix and Hong Kong Centers.

Bonus Bulletin – 11 July

July 11, 2024

Read about some other recent activities organized by Kadampa Centers around the world.
Here: KMC Texas, KMC Hong Kong, KMC Chicago, Atisha KMC (UK), Heruka KMC (UK) and Madyhamaka KMC.


Preparations are underway, the Festival is very close

KMC Girona-13

New Kadampa Centres for Spain in Girona and Murcia

Shop Summer Festival

Discover the Tharpa Summer Festival Shop

NKT - KMC BARCELONA - 2024 (23)

Inspiring retreats before the Summer Festival