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11 August 2019

The Festival dissolves

Just three weeks ago we watched as the 2019 Summer Festival appeared out of emptiness. Now the Festival is over, the people are gone and, like mist lifting, everything begins to dissolve back into emptiness.

Thanks to the efforts of an intrepid team of volunteers, all the marquees have been emptied, the public rooms restored and the visitor rooms made up as Manjushri KMC gradually returns to normal, ready to reopen the shop and cafe and invite the public back in a few days time.

What are you taking home from the Festival?

This festival is a manifestation of Venerable Geshe-la’s compassion and I feel so so fortunate to have met him. It was also great being able to connect with the international sangha. It is not only chatting with them - there is more to it than that. You share something in common,  faith in Geshe-la. It is like meeting people who want to create a pure world. They are my family.
Madhuri, Switzerland

What I take from the festival are great teachings in my heart and great friends.
Emiliano, Mexico

The feeling that we’re always surrounded by the holy beings - that Dorge Shugen and Heruka are always protecting us.
Shanti, Australia

Tranquility and peace.
Philip, Switzerland

I bring back Gen-la Dekyong's advice to be humble and patient and cherish all living beings.
Danny, Canada

I will go back home with a much greater desire to practice more to be able one day to help all other beings.“
Lucie, Canada

I thought the teachings this summer were just incredible and inspiring. I feel that my battery has been recharged so that I can return to Southern California and impart the wisdom teachings in my area.
Rebecca, USA

The deepest thing for me was the equanimity - the love for all living beings coming through from the teachers hearts, from the people working here and from the way the teachings showed whats possible for everyone. It’s so possible for all of us to attain enlightenment.
Gen Sanden, Vancouver, Canada

I've received a lot of blessings at this festival and the teachings have been phenomenal. They definitely made it into my heart and changed my practice and my view. It will be great to see how the next year is after the festival.
Roozbeh, USA

This festival makes me believe enlightenment is a reality in our times and a world beyond our ordinary world is possible.
Kelsang Jampel, South Africa

The teachings and a strong motivation to put them in practice.
Miguel, Barcelona, Spain

One more beautiful summer festival full of blessings! Keep always a warm heart and keep empowering your mind with pure teachings.
Ioannis, Greece

It is an ocean of joy and pure happiness to offer to others.
Philippe, Portugal

The importance of going for refuge and how inseparable it is from everything. I want to develop deeper faith in it.
Ann-Katrin, Sweden

I feel very empowered to built up my meditation practice even more and to follow the spiritual path. The festival also really helped me to gain more trust in Buddha.
Verena, Wien

I really want to stabilize my Lamrim practice at home. And I was really inspired by the Hundreds of Deities sadhana and want to go deeper into it.
Nephelie, Greece

And the last word:

Hard work. Hard, happy joyous work. Caring for everyone. Being a festival organiser is the best job - from before they arrive, throughout the Festival and long after they’ve gone. And I am deeply rejoicing in the work happening in Arizona right now. I’d like to be there helping as well!
Steve, Manjushri KMC, Ulverston

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