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Inspiring stories of Kadampa practitioners, sharing how meditation has helped them overcome life's obstacles and transformed their lives.

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Meditation brought me out of a dark place

I came to meditation when I was in a very dark phase of my life. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was experiencing high functioning depression and high functioning anxiety.

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How meditation helped me find happiness after divorce

Two years ago, my husband suddenly told me he wanted to end our marriage. I was shocked, devastated, and lost – although deep in my heart, I also had wished to be free from this unhappy relationship for over half of our 18 year marriage.

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What I did when my marriage ended

In October 2022, my marriage had just ended, and I was regretful, confused, and feeling like I needed a life change. I’d dabbled with Buddhism a little in the past, just enough to know that meditation worked…

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A Steady Transformation: The Impact of Meditation on My Life

Life is not easy for anyone and we are not always taught in schools or by family how to deal with the mental and emotional suffering life can bring us.

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How I found meaning in my life

There was nothing exceptional or unusual in my ‘hardships’ my dissatisfaction and difficulties seem very trivial compared with what was going on in the rest of the world at this time. But they were dissatisfactions and difficulties, nonetheless.

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Transforming cancer through my practice

We talk about “living in the now,” but having cancer gave me this real opportunity — this knowledge that if you truly live in the now, you won’t experience the suffering of things that haven’t happened.

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Dealing with the death of my mother

Grief had stolen my life. I first stepped into a Kadampa centre shortly after losing my mom to cancer. I was angry and intensely sad.

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Hand stacking pebbles to make shape of hourglass as a symbol of patience. Concept of meditation, slow down and controlling time.

How meditation helped me deal with my anger

Throughout my life, there have been countless occasions where I’d go from being happy to being filled with frustration or anger in an instant. I’d feel horrible for getting angry and losing my cool; I told myself I’d be better next time…

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Learning to smile again

I just couldn’t teach anymore. I thought a change of jobs would help me, and it did for a few months. But I was still the same me, a little stressed, tired and miserable…

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breaking the chains

How I use meditation in my life

No longer trusting my distorted, agitated states of mind (my delusions) to solve my problems and make myself happy, I began to rely on developing inner peace instead.

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Sleepless man suffers from insomnia.

Overcoming insomnia with meditation

I started to suffer from insomnia. Worrying about not sleeping soon became a “runaway train” and soon was followed by general anxiety and depression.

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How meditation practice helped me deal with my wife’s incurable illness

Six years after we started with the Dharma (Buddhist meditation practice), Sandy was diagnosed with a rare and incurable autoimmune condition that resulted in periodic and progressive bouts of muscular degeneration.

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isolated woman

Dating with the help of wisdom

As I navigate this confusing thirty-something singlehood, I am discovering that some Buddhist principles, learned at my meditation centre, offer profound wisdom and serenity.

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Happy woman jumping and enjoying life in field at sunset in mountains

Realizing I don’t need to worry

Suddenly I could see that that this isn’t necessarily who I am, it’s just a thought I’m having. I could think different thoughts. In any moment, I have flexibility…

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If you have a personal story about the positive impact of Dharma in your life and would like to share it with the community, please feel free to reach out to us. You can submit your story by emailing it to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your inspiring journey with others.