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21 October 2019

Catch up & share

Every day during the 2019 Fall Festival, inspiring online diaries were produced, which include:

  1. A clip of the day's teaching from Gen-la Dekyong or Gen-la Khyenrab
  2. A feature video
  3. Video of the meditation intros
  4. Daily photo gallery
  5. Audio clip from Gen-la's teaching
  6. Stories and insights from festival-goers

These Diaries are a treasure chest of inspiration and information - ideal for those who attended to review and catch up, and for those who did not attend to enjoy a taste of this extraordinary event.

If you have not already viewed the Diaries in full, here is an opportunity to catch up with all of them in one place. Enjoy!

Share the joy
Please share this link with your friends and encourage them to tune into the main festival website for updates on the 2020 International Festivals.