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21 October 2019

dharma celebration in Rome - Freedom from Fear

This weekend, fortunate ones gathered at Centro di meditazione Kadampa Roma for the 2019 Italian Dharma Celebration entitled 'Freedom from Fear' with Gen Kelsang Eupamé.

Over seventy people came from Rome and north and south Italy to hear Gen Eupamé explain how to recognize and abandon our attachments and cultivate pure love in our lives.

Gen Eupamé granted the blessing empowerment of Arya Tara and explained in a clear and accessible way the true meaning of faith, pure love and compassion.

He concluded with deep and very practical teachings on ultimate truth combined with the powerful practice of self generation as Arya Tara.

The meditations were led by Gen Kelsang Chö the Resident Teacher at Centro di Meditazione Kadampa di Roma.

"It's been a refreshing experience. The teachings were clear and simple but profound - and most of all very encouraging!"

"I'm very grateful for having received these precious teachings that have the power to give us real, lasting happiness."