02 October 2019

Fall Festival 2019

Day 7


Looking into the Mirror of Dharma

"Without realising emptiness, the actual way things are, we are not going to be able to stop our suffering."




Today was a once in a lifetime experience!

Gen-la Khyenrab continued his transmission of the blessings of the section on The Three Principal Aspects of the Path from The Mirror of Dharma with a breathtaking presentation of the correct view of emptiness.

Breathtaking because he shared in its entirety the oral instruction on emptiness he and Gen-la Dekyong received directly from Venerable Geshe-la. And he also shared special methods revealed by Venerable Geshe-la for gaining deep understanding of this instruction through the power of contemplating with blessings.

None of us had heard teachings like this before - it was incredible!

My First Festival




“This is a very powerful experience. I never expected to feel this way before I came here. Meeting sangha from all around the world is amazing. I have a strong feeling that I can make progress on the spiritual path.”

The blessings of the teachings pervade the whole Festival site. With so many people so deeply inspired, and everyone sincerely trying to put the teachings into practice, we can really feel the power of this special Dharma to transform our lives.

At this Festival we have a glimpse of the world Venerable Geshe-la envisages for everyone. Truly wonderful!

5 Minutes of wisdom

Dependent Relationship

What people are saying



British Columbia, Canada

"My parents have been bringing me to Kadampa Festivals since I was a child, but as an adult this is the first time I have chosen to come on my own. I never really had a strong faith or strong connection with my Spiritual Guide, but through this festival this is now developing and I will take this home with me.”




“From this festival it has become clear that I need to contemplate more deeply until I touches my heart so that my Dharma isn’t just from the mouth. I want to benefit the people I come into contact with every day when I get home.”



Wisconsin, USA

“There is such diversity here! This is really phenomenal, and through attending the teachings here I now feel more confident to start Foundation Programme classes when I get home.”