01 October 2019

Fall Festival 2019

Day 6


The magic continues

"Kadam Dharma is like a mala made of gold"

When Gen-la Khyenrab began to teach the second part of the Festival this morning we again felt the immediacy and intimacy of the transmission, as if Venerable Geshe-la himself were delivering it in person. The magic continues!

Over the next few sessions Gen-la is transmitting the blessings of the section on The Three Principal Aspects of the Path from The Mirror of Dharma.

He began by strongly encouraging us to rely sincerely on Je Tsongkhapa, reminding us that the power of his blessings and skilful methods to lead practitioners to the state of enlightenment is unequalled among those of all other Buddhas.

My First Festival




“Coming together with so many like-minded people at this festival is wonderful. We speak the same language. Kadam Dharma has changed my life. I don’t get as angry, and I have more patience with friends and family. Thank you Geshe-la!”

In today's sessions, Gen-la taught the sections on renunciation and bodhichitta and once again we delighted in unsurpassed teachings of extraordinary clarity and profundity.

As with Gen-la Dekyong, Gen-la Khyenrab shared special teachings that they had received directly from Venerable Geshe-la himself.  The book is called The Mirror of Dharma with Additions, but what we are receiving is additions to the additions. So special!

The Festival site is like a small town - a Dharma town - where everything is run by kind-hearted volunteers.  The powerful blessings of the teachings pervade everywhere. So much laughter, so much joy - so much peace!

5 Minutes of wisdom

The Four Powerful Rivers

What people are saying



Quebec, Canada

“We are receiving very special blessings here that you don’t get in your normal life. There are very special things happening! We are looking at what reality is!”



Hong Kong

“I am a business woman and I can see that the world is so crazy, so it is very beautiful to have a place, a pure world, where people can come and experience Dharma. Usually all we think about is ourself. But when we look with wisdom we see the problems we experience are not coming from the outside, but from our impure minds. I wish everybody could have this chance.”



Buenos Aires, Argentina

“This festival is absolutely amazing! The best thing is how our Guru is teaching us how to appreciate his teachings and how to have a peaceful mind. You get a sense from being here that there is a possibility of peace in the world.”