Revisiting the Fall Festival videos

Take a few minutes to enjoy the Fall Festival video collection. Revisit KMC Spain, the beautiful Kadampa Temple and the happiness that comes at a Festival where everyone is focussing on holy Dharma.

Increasing Lifespan, Wisdom, and Merit in South America

In the upcoming weeks, a valuable opportunity will be available to the people of South America. The National Festivals in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile will feature the practice of Buddha Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life, Wisdom, and Merit.

Who is our Medicine Guru?

The Fall Festival 2023 is now complete and we take this opportunity to share a video excerpt of a teaching by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso given in New York 2006.

Fall Festival Day 7

It’s been a very special, blessed festival, and now like a pure dream, the festival draws to a close, but leaves everyone forever changed.

Fall Festival Day 6

After receiving a wealth of teachings, we complete the Festival with a day and a half of retreat beautifully and skilfully guided by Gen Rabten. The emphasis is on the first of the eleven reversals, taking us step by step through the meditation on relying on the Spiritual Guide from the book Mirror of Dharma with additions. He gives everyone a lot of time to contemplate, find their own object of meditation and meditate to deepen our familiarity with that object. Then we engage in the Medicine Buddha Sadhana as an extension of our faith, visualising our Spiritual Guide in this pure, healing aspect. Each day concludes with the Medicine Buddha Prayers, where we use the connection we have made with Medicine Guru to make powerful prayers and visualisations to heal the mental continuum of all living beings.

Fall Festival Day 5

After another wonderful meditation session on Medicine Buddha we had the final two teachings from Gen-la Khyenrab. In the first teaching he completed the commentary to the practice of the 11 reversals.

Fall Festival Day 4

Alongside the practice of Medicine Buddha, we are learning about the Eleven Reversals. As Gen-la Khyenrab explained this is another way of dividing up and practising Lamrim.

Fall Festival Day 3

Everyone is enjoying their spiritual holiday in the beautiful environment of KMC Spain. Venerable Geshe-la often called our festivals spiritual holidays because he saw it gave us a very meaningful opportunity not only to be immersed in the teachings but to enjoy a relaxing time with spiritual friends in a blessed environment

Fall Festival Day 2

The first full day of festival dawns with beautiful skies lightening from behind the stunning mountain ranges that surround the temple.


Finding Peace and Letting Go in Swansea, Wales

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Argentina - KMC Cordoba - anniversary -202402 cordoba 10 anios-72

Past, Present and Future at KMC Cordoba – 10th anniversary!

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Spain - KMC Barcelona -IMG-20240211-WA0009

Retreats Drawing to an End


The Wisdom of Meditation