Following the Festival program

We asked Gen-la Khyenrab to talk about the benefits of following the International Kadampa Festivals. He took us back to the very first Festival taught by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche and shared the advice Venerable Geshe-la gave at that time.

No greater meaning

The 2021 International Spring Festival will take place May 28 – Jun 2 with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab, retired General Spiritual Director of NKT. Gen-la will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni and teachings on the sublime prayer, Request to the Lord of all Lineages.

Fall Festival 2020 – Day 7

The Festival draws to a close. Thank you Gen-la for such precious teachings and thank you to the other Teachers, translators, and everyone else who made this auspicious event possible. But most of all thank you Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Without you none of this would be possible. In every respect, this Festival has appeared from your heart.

Fall Festival 2020 – Day 5

We are learning about the power of prayers made by sincere practitioners with good hearts. And at this Festival we are experiencing this power directly as over 4,000 people around the globe join in praying to heal the world. But in addition to this great meaning, there is another huge benefit of the International Festivals – all the profits are dedicated to the International Temples Project to build more Temples for World Peace and urban Temples to bring this precious Dharma to future generations.

Fall Festival 2020 – Day 4

At the Fall Festival teaching on Medicine Buddha, Gen-la reminded us that everything is created by mind and so by using Tantric technology such as this, with faith, conviction and our Guru’s blessings, we can use our wisdom imagination to become a pure being in reality.