27 September 2019

Fall Festival 2019

Day 2

IKRC Temple Silhouette

Entering the Pure Land

"A good heart always brings good results"



"In this world of so much pain and conflict, who has created a Temple like this for world peace? Where has this Temple come from? We understand because Venerable Geshe-la has taught us, that everything is created by mind. We also understand, only because Venerable Geshe-la has taught us, that a good heart always brings good results. So who has created this Temple for us? Where has it come from? I think a simple answer that we can all understand is that it has arisen from our precious Guru's heart."

Yesterday, with these words, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, introduced the fifth Kadampa Temple for World Peace.

My First Festival



Mexico City

"I'm convinced that the Kadampa way of life is pure and is a way to find true happiness. Being here is a wonderful experience, and I feel so grateful and happy. When I first saw the temple from the road I felt as though I had come home. For those who are not able to come this time, I am praying there will be other temple openings they can come to in the future. I'm volunteering here as it feels like the best way to participate with this special festival and to feel a part of it."

The ceremony began outside the Temple door with a special ribbon-cutting ritual. Gen-la explained that, as we can see from its features, the Temple is a representation of the Pure Land of Heruka, the Buddha of Compassion. The ribbon symbolises our ordinary, impure appearance preventing our attainment of enlightenment, and cutting it symbolises abandoning our ordinary appearances and entering the enlightened Pure Land.

On behalf of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, Gen-la then invited us to enter the Temple and for the first time we beheld the exquisite beauty of this magnificent building.

We sat in front of the grand shrine surrounded on all sides by holy beings listening to Gen-la explain the meaning and purpose of this Temple, and how fortunate we are to be present for this special moment.

After Gen-la's talk we all joined in Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja, during which Gen-la Jampa read a truly moving dedication and a reading from The Mirror of Dharma with Additions.

Finally Gen-la blessed the statues and other holy objects, inviting the wisdom beings to descend and remain forever to bless the minds of all who see them.

Thank you Venerable Geshe-la for this extraordinary development, and thank you Gen-la  for such a beautiful opening ceremony.

5 Minutes of wisdom

What people are saying


Ricardo Rodriguez


"I have been to many Kadampa Festivals, but this is first time I have been to a temple opening and the feeling is different - it's very special. You maintain a peaceful mind very easily when you are so close to a temple like this. All the blessings I am receiving here are helping to develop my potential for spiritual development now and in the future and for this I am very grateful. Many people will benefit from this special place."


Anke Caron

The Netherlands

"I love that so many people will see this temple. There are so many trucks going by on the highway - you can't miss it! The design inside is so beautiful - the delicate mix of colours and the way the windows are tinted to match the designs and paintwork."



Melbourne, Australia

"This is such an incredible opportunity to see a temple like this open. By being here I hope to create the causes for such a temple closer to home, in Australia. It was dreamlike to see so many people be a part of the opening ceremony and I love that we have all contributed to this temple appearing. The shrine and the ornamentation is incredible - it all looks so fresh and pristine. It's going to be really magical in the snow!"


Kailash (aged 9)

Colorado, USA

"I love the big Buddha statues and I think the colors they are painted really suit them. I enjoyed hearing Genla Dekyong's teachings - they help me be kinder - and I love being around the people here."


Michelle Baudouin


"This feels like just the right location for this World Peace Temple. I am very lucky to be here and I hope I will be in every new Kadampa temple in the future, because deep in my heart I want the Kadampa community to become much bigger all over the world. Through our deep faith, prayer and active involvement we are helping to create Geshe-la's vision of a Pure Land."