Budismo Kadampa

Nova Tradição Kadampa – União Budista Internacional Kadampa
Fundador: Venerável Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Um evento extraordinário nas montanhas suíças

Este fim de semana foi um feriado espiritual perfeito para aqueles que tiveram a sorte de participar do Festival Kadampa anual suíço-italiano-austríaco.

Em todos os aspectos foi um evento extraordinário:

Professora Extraordinária – Gen-la Dekyong, a Diretora Espiritual da NKT-IKBU
Ensinamentos Extraordinários – Iniciação e comentário à prática do Buda da Medicina
Extraordinária localização – o deslumbrante Centro Internacional de Retiro Kailash nas montanhas suíças (kailash.org)

It was a very blissful and joyful weekend, and all who attended went away greatly refreshed and inspired.

Practical teachings
As always, Gen-la’s teachings were immensely practical, emphasising the need to distinguish our inner problems from outer problems and use Kadam Lamrim to solve our inner problems. Kadam Lamrim is the actual medicine that can permanently cure all our sufferings of sickness, ageing, death and rebirth.

Gen-la emphasised developing and maintaining love and compassion in our heart. She said our love for others is like a cushion for our spiritual Guide to sit on. If we have this precious mind he will appear in our heart, even without an invitation, because our intention is the same as his.

Kailash Retreat Centre
Kailash International Retreat Centre is situated 1502M above sea level in the Wallis mountains on the sunny side of Törbel. The view up the Matter and Saas valleys is breathtaking, crowned by the 4000M Weisshorn mountain.

It is an exceptional location for meditation and is an ideal place for all those seeking rest and rejuvenation. Kailash IRC is part of the New Kadampa Tradition and offers wholesome conditions for those who wish to engage in shorter or longer retreats.

To find out more and plan a retreat visit kailash.org.