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la Nouvelle Tradition Kadampa - l'Union Internationale du Bouddhisme Kadampa
Fondateur: Vénérable Guéshé Kelsang Gyatso

Bouddhisme et méditation pour un monde moderne

Geshe Kelsang GyatsoBienvenue sur le site web de la Nouvelle Tradition Kadampa – l’Union Internationale du Bouddhisme Kadampa fondée par Vénérable Guéshé Kelsang Gyatso.

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If we did not have delusions we would experience only peace and contentment. When our delusions are not functioning strongly our mind is relatively tranquil and contented, but as soon as anger, jealousy or desirous attachment arise they destroy our peace of mind like a sudden storm destroying the tranquillity of an ocean. Even if we are in good physical health, when delusions manifest our mind becomes ill at ease.


Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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