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Modern Kadampa Buddhism is a special presentation of Buddha's teachings for the modern world.
It is open to everyone whether Buddhist or not regardless of nationality, age or gender.

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Kadampa Buddhism Worldwide 2022

The 2022 international brochure showing the latest developments in Modern Kadampa Buddhism worldwide, and the international teaching program of Festivals and Dharma Celebrations for the year is now available.

Becoming an actual Spiritual Person

Gen-la Dekyong
Gen-la Dekyong
Becoming an actual Spiritual Person

If we understand that when our body dies our mind does not cease we will stop being fixated with the things of this life and develop the intention to prepare for the happiness and freedom of our countless future lives.

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Je Tsongkhapa said:

On the ground of equanimity pour the water of love and sow the seed of compassion. From these the harvest of bodhichitta will arise.

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche,
Joyful Path of Good Fortune

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