Dharma Kadam International Retreat Centre

Dharma Kadam Centre was founded by Venerable Geshe-la in 1981 as the first established centre outside the United Kingdom. Geshe-la has visited the Centre on numerous occasions giving teachings. In July 2012 the Centre was declared International Retreat Centre according to the wishes of our founder.

Set in a very privileged location, on the beautiful island of Menorca (declared a biosphere reserve). The International Retreat Centre Dharma Kadam is the ideal place to make Solitary and Group retreats. The Centre is surrounded by a forest of great natural beauty and in this very blessed environment one has a very authentic and profound feeling of what the words great tranquillity and inner peace really means, this environment invites one to meditate and deepen the practice of Dharma through contemplating and meditating on Kadam Lamrim.

The Centre offers:

  • A temple of 110m2 with a beautiful shrine with a 7 feet Buddha of majestic beauty.
  • A residential house with accommodation for about 11 people.
  • A camping area for about 20 tents.
  • A kitchen and dining room for 25 people.
  • A Café with library for about 10 people.
  • Two magnificent terraces overlooking the forest.
  • Wonderful vegetarian food made with fresh local produce

More information – meditaenmenorca.org