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01 March 2024

Meditation Changes Everything

A Dharma Tour around Germany

Seven back-to-back public talks were given in Germany this February. Sangha from Tara KMC in Leipzig, KMC Dresden, KMC Munich, KMC Stuttgart, KMC Freiburg, KMC Karlsruhe, and KMC Berlin applied great effort in organizing and publicizing a tour with the National Spiritual Director of Germany, Slovenia, Romania & Czech Republic, Gen Kelsang Ananda. The public events were well received, and many new people connected with their local centers. Follow this tour around Germany below.

Tara KMC, Leipzig

Starting on February 15th, the first talk of the tour was in Leipzig at the Alte Börse. Gen Kelsang Ananda held a public lecture titled Why Meditation Changes Everything. Many familiar faces, as well as new guests, attended and enjoyed the inspiring teachings.

KMC Dresden

The following day, on February 16th, the long-awaited public talk took place in Dresden. KMC Dresden's community and volunteers did a wonderful job putting up posters in the surrounding area; 150 big posters promoting the event were distributed weeks before. The talk was sold out, with 220 people coming. Attendees got practical tips on how meditation has the power to change everything.

KMC Munich

Gen Ananda's visit to Munich was, as always, one of the highlights of our annual program. A clear and inspiring teaching was based on How to Transform Your Life by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Gen Ananda took time to define meditation according to Buddhism and to explain the beneficial power of concentration on virtuous objects and the destructive power of focusing on non-virtuous objects.

Thank you, Geshe-la, for the fantastic book How to Transform Your Life

"Loved meeting everybody and hearing Gen Ananda's inspiring talk. It comforted me in the face of so much conflict in this world. Thank you."

- Peter

KMC Stuttgart

A wonderful evening with Gen Ananda. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's teachings have strengthened our desire for inner peace! The prospect that we might develop it through meditation was very inspiring for those who attended the talk.

The audience commented: "I could have listened indefinitely," and "This blend of deep dive and playful lightness is simply irresistible!"

KMC Freiburg

The fifth talk of the tour took place on the 19th of February at Peterhof at the University of Freiburg. Gen Ananda explained why meditation changes everything and how we can actively and directly bring peace into the world by becoming peaceful beings through applying moral discipline, meditation, and wisdom.  What an inspiring evening!

KMC Karlsruhe

The sixth tour event was a virtuous day of preparations for the Sangha, crowned by a heart-warming talk. Gen Ananda captivated the audience in a wonderfully light way with many enriching practical examples that were both refreshing and thought-provoking.

In the conversations after the talk, it was clear that the audience's hearts were touched. The intention to consider, try, or re-integrate meditation into their lives blossomed in the audience. Within the Sangha, the joy and gratitude were palpable: how lucky we are to have a center in our city and to be able to receive such wonderful, qualified teachings. We wish this for all living beings.

Thank you, Geshe-la, Gen Ananda, and all who made this journey possible.

KMC Berlin

The talk at KMC Berlin was the last stop in the series of public lectures organized by the Kadampa Centers in the east and south of Germany. The focus of the lecture was why meditation can not only positively influence our lives but also change everything – ourselves and others. This event gave participants new certainty and hope!

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