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18 março 2020

Transformar Condições Adversas

Kadampa Meditation Center, Edinburgh

Estes são tempos desafiadores para muitas pessoas, mas também são uma oportunidade de transformar condições adversas no caminho espiritual. Como os centros Kadampa em todo o mundo lidaram com a necessidade de fechar os centros físicos?
If you can't come to us, we'll come to you!
For the duration of the crisis, many centers have moved their activities online and are now streaming their General Program, Foundation Program, and Teacher Training Program. And in some cases whole courses including empowerments can be accessed online.

For many people at the centers this has been a steep learning curve, but gradually each center has mastered the technology and scheduled their classes so they are available to anyone who wishes to attend.

To enjoy a class via livestreaming  you first need to register. Check with your individual center for further details.

Find your local center online.

May all suffering quickly cease
And all happiness and joy be fulfilled;
And may holy Dharma flourish for evermore.