centers of modern kadampa buddhism

There are 1,300 centers around the world where you can study and practice modern Kadampa Buddhism in the local language.

Most are principally study and meditation centers and some are principally retreat centers.

In addition, there are now five traditional-style Temples for World Peace, with three more soon to appear.


Kadampa Meditation Centers

There are hundreds of centers around the world that provide facilities to engage in both meditation and study of Buddha's teachings under the supervision of qualified Teachers.  Many are in city centers and other convenient locations. Find out more or click on the button above to search for a center.

Retreat centers

Meditation retreat is an integral part of the spiritual program of modern Kadampa Buddhism. Most Kadampa centers organise retreats throughout the year but there is also a growing number of dedicated International Retreat Centers (IRCs) around the world. Find out more.

Temples for World Peace

In addition to all the other centers Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche has inaugurated a special project to build traditional-style Temples based on the holy mandala of Buddha Heruka. These are very powerful places of exquisite beauty and peace. Find out more.