Two public talks in Québec

Recently Gen Khedrub visited Québec to give help flourish Kadam Dharma, giving two inspiring public talks, one in Quebec City and one in Trois Rivières.

Wonderful Events in Mexico

Both KMC Cuernavaca and KBC Queretaro had the pleasure of hosting wonderful guests who shared inspiring teachings with the local community. Over 300 participants enjoyed the courses organized by these centers.

Emptiness And Impermanence At New York Temple

Close to 100 people participated in our five-day silent retreat on emptiness and subtle impermanence. It was the Apex of Spring all around with flowers in full bloom and gorgeous weather.

Texas Tour with Gen Kelsang Rigpa

The three main centers in Texas – Austin, Houston, and Dallas received the visit of Gen Kelsang Rigpa who gave talks on Meditation & Modern Buddhism.

Special weekend courses organised in Canada

Last weekend KMC Canada enjoyed a special course with guest teacher Gen Kelsang Demo, the Midwestern U.S. National Spiritual Director who taught the course ‘The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life ~ How to Enjoy a Life of Altruism’.

Discovering Emptiness ~ A Joint Retreat at IKRC Grand Canyon

KMC San Francisco & KMC Los Angeles held a joint retreat nestled in beautiful IKRC Grand Canyon temple.
The two Resident Teachers, Gen Kelsang Rigpa & Gen Kelsang Choma, explained and guided meditations on emptiness.

Long Life, Wisdom & Merit

The Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration 2023 was held at KMC Maryland. Kadam Morten, National Spiritual Director for Eastern USA granted the blessing empowerment of Buddha Amitayus and gave inspiring teachings on this practice.

Swiss tour GLK

A Dharma tour of Switzerland with Gen-la Kunsang


Away retreats on pure love


Deepen Your Experience with a Post-festival retreat

Heruka Centre_LONDON-4151

A Hidden Jewel in London