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01 November 2023

Two public talks in Québec

Recently Gen Khedrub visited Québec to give help flourish Kadam Dharma through two inspiring public talks, one in Quebec City and one in Trois Rivières.

KMC Québec, Québec City


Visiting teacher, Gen Kelsang Khedrub, originally from Canada and now the Resident Teacher in Boston, passed on the wisdom of Buddha during a well-attended talk and follow on workshop in Québec City.

The public talk was open to everyone with many new people attending and learning how through understanding their own mind they can free themselves from anxiety.


KMC Trois-Rivières


In Trois-Rivières the second public talk was on the theme of  'Choosing Joy' which included powerful encouragement from Eight Steps to Happiness:

"Every living being has within them the seed or potential to become a Buddha - this is our Buddha nature. In Buddha's teachings we found the best method to realize this potential."

The teachings were on how to adopt the Buddhist way of life and in this way improve ourself and benefit others.

How wonderful Kadam Dharma could reach many new people through these two public events.


Ordinaiton group

Ordination Day – Spring Festival 2024

NKT-IKBU - Kadampa Canada - Peace Tower & meditators square

Bonus Bulletin 22 May

NKT - KMC MONTREAL 2024 Talk 2 - Quartier latin #5

Dharma arrives in new cities

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The Spring Festival shop