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22 May 2023

The Secret of Inner Beauty - Retreat in the Country

Last weekend, nearly 30 people listened to and contemplated Advice from Atisha's Heart in the peaceful, green environment of a retreat center in St. Calixte, Quebec, Canada. An event organised by KMC Montreal.

Some words from inspired participants:

"Gen Kelsang Chögyan, the Resident Teacher of KMC Montreal transmitted the precious instructions given by Venerable Geshe-la and these wonderful instructions touched the hearts of each participant. We learned that by sincerely integrating this advice into our daily life, we will quickly develop all the stages of the path of enlightenment in our own mind and in this way awaken the beauty that lies within us – universal compassion and wisdom."

"This is exactly what I was looking for."

"The advice on humility particularly touched me."

"The whole thing is a truly unforgettable experience."


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