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13 May 2024

Talks for mental health and happiness

Recently, various centers have organised public talks on the power of meditation to improve mental health and happiness. These talks took place at the Welsh conference center, Venue Cymru (North Wales), in Viña del Mar (Chile), at McGill University Health Centre (Canada) and in Dresden (Germany).

public talk in North Wales - Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

A few weeks ago, North Wales was fortunate to welcome Kadam Bridget Heyes, UK National Spiritual Director, for a special evening event at the Welsh conference center Venue Venue Cymru.

With her trademark warmth, gentle humour and thought-provoking examples from everyday life, Kadam Bridget's talk and meditation offered help and advice that everyone found very practical. She began by explaining how everyone experiences fear and anxiety in everyday life. She then explained how our experiences and feelings are based in our minds and how we can transform our painful experiences into peaceful ones using methods from Buddha's teachings.

The event attracted people from all over North Wales and beyond, including Shrewsbury and the Wirral. We are already discussing when we can invite this special Teacher back again!

Public Talk in viña del mar - the power of meditation 

Recently, Compassion KBC welcomed our National Spiritual Director for Chile, Gen Chokyong, who gave a public talk on the power of meditation to solve our problems and led a two-day retreat away from the city.

The retreat days included 4 sessions of short teachings and guided meditations on the breath using the simple yet profound mantra OM AH HUM, the mantra of all Buddhas. This meditation naturally brings the mind to a state of deep concentration and peace.

We thank our precious Teacher for this visit!

Public Talk in kmc montreal - Mental Health Week

The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre organized special activities this week as part of Mental Health Week, and invited KMC Montreal Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Chögyan, to give a talk on meditation. Gen Chögyan presented simple and effective meditation techniques to create mental space and produce contentment and well-being.

Around 50 people from the university, in person and online, were able to benefit from this practical advice and to experience meditation.

Thanks to the organizers for this opportunity and to Venerable Geshe-la for offering these accessible methods for everyone to reduce stress, suffering and problems, and give us access to profound well-being.

Public Talk in dresden - be happy whatever happens.

We are grateful to Kadam Holger for accepting the invitation from us, at KMC Dresden, to visit us at the Programmkino Ost in Dresden (Germany). 65 people listened to the lecture and asked questions on the inspiring topic of learning from life and being happy whatever happens.

May we recognize and realize the beauty of patience.

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