Bonus Bulletin 22 May

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Dharma arrives in new cities

For the first time Dharma is appearing in new cities with public talks in Ubatuba (Brazil), 3 neighborhoods in Montreal (Canada), as well as Tocopilla and Calama (Northern Chile).

Completing powerful retreats before the Spring Festival

During the month of May, powerful retreats were held at the Sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Málaga, KMC Madrid, Tharpaland KMC and Ganden Ling KMC. A perfect preparation for the International Spring Festival.

Away retreats on pure love

In May some Kadampa Centers organized group retreats to allow their students to gain deeper experience of the powerful minds of love and compassion. Here KMC Ottawa, KMC Brisbane and Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre (Hull, UK) enjoyed away retreats.

A Hidden Jewel in London

In the capital of the UK – London – where almost 10 million people live, there are three Kadampa Meditation Centers. The centers serve as an oasis of peace amongst the daily hectic life of one of the biggest cities in Europe. In this article we feature Heruka KMC.

Talks for mental health and happiness

Recently, various centers have organised public talks on the power of meditation to improve mental health and happiness. These talks took place at the Welsh conference center, Venue Cymru (North Wales), in Viña del Mar (Chile), at McGill University Health Centre (Canada) and in Dresden (Germany).

Kadampa Events for Families

Family time whilst cultivating inner peace and positive states of mind? It is possible to create meaningful activities for whole families as Kadampa Centers are open to everybody. Recently KMC Mexico, KMC Brasil, and Manjushri KMC organized fun and meaningful events for kids & families.

Opening at KMC Barcelona with Gen-la Dekyong

Our General Spiritual Director, visited the city to inaugurate the new meditation space of KMC Barcelona, in a beautiful event that brought together more than 370 people.

Away retreat: Silence, harmony and profound peace

When they have the opportunity Kadampa centers organise group retreats to allow their students the chance to enjoy more in-depth meditation. Here KMC Los Angeles, KMC San Francisco , KMC Hong Kong and the Kadampa Buddhist Center of Huelva (Spain) enjoyed a variety of retreats.

Dharma flourishing in Granada

April was a great month for KMC Granada. They had a strong presence at a book fair which is held in many cities across Spain and a wonderful course with visiting Teacher, Gen Osel.