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03 December 2023

KMC Hong Kong annual fundraising walk

On a beautiful sunny day, perfect for KMC Hong Kong's annual fundraising walk, Gen Tonglam and 80 Sangha walked a virtuous path from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo on Lantau Island.

At around the halfway point of the hike Gen Tonglam guided the first meditation - a simple breathing meditation, pacifying our busy thoughts and distractions. Then we tried to hold the experience of inner peace in our heart and take it with us as we arose from meditation. We then walked with mindfulness in silence for the rest of the hike, holding the experience of peace.

Gen Tonglam guided the second meditation at Silvermine Bay Beach towards the end of the hike. With the sound of the waves in the background, we practiced regarding all our thoughts and distractions, external sounds and feelings, as waves arising from the boundless ocean of our root consciousness. We watched the waves of our conceptual thoughts arise, and allowed them to disappear naturally without holding onto anything. As we go deeper into the ocean of our consciousness, the waves of distraction no longer bother us, and our mind becomes deeply peaceful. A wonderful experience!

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