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02 December 2023

Quebec Dharma Celebration 2023

Quebec Kadampa Centers gathered together at Kadampa Meditation Center Montreal on the occasion of the Quebec Dharma Celebration 2023. It is difficult to express with words the joy, harmony, energy and faith this unique event has generated in the hearts of the participants!

The weekend began with an inspiring introduction to the Celebration with Gen Kelsang Chögyan the Resident Teacher of KMC Montreal. Then on Saturday, Kelsang Zhine, Resident Teacher at KBC Tara in Sherbrooke, guided the morning meditations helping everyone to take the teaching to heart in meditation and to rejoice in our amazing opportunity to receive the blessing empowerment of Buddha White Tara.

We then had the incredible good fortune to receive the empowerment of Venerable White Tara with Gen Kelsang Chodor. He introduced us to Tara, the compassionate mother of all living beings, who bestows wisdom, merit and long life so that we can fulfill all our spiritual wishes.
Gen Chodor gave the commentary of the Yoga of Buddha White Tara, as well as amazing teachings on the seven types of wisdom and how they are relevant and necessary for our spiritual life.

NKT Quebec DC13

Throughout the weekend, the Sangha from Quebec and elsewhere in Canada spent meaningful time together in the breaks at the World Peace Café in the peaceful and joyful setting of KMC Montreal. All the conditions were right for us to grow our appreciation of the gift offered to us by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche: these extraordinary spiritual gatherings, which are the method for maintaining the international union of Kadampa Buddhism.

May all beings experience good fortune as great as ours.


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