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28 December 2018

Studiowatch 4


In the sublime continuum of the Kadampa Art Studio, every day dedicated people inspired by the extraordinary vision and blessings of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche produce beautiful objects for Kadampa Temples around the world.

In this glimpse of the last couple of weeks we see the large statue of Buddha for the Temple in Arizona being made ready for painting while the work on the large statue of Avalokiteshvara nears completion.

In another area people are hard at work finishing Confession Buddha plaques for Arizona while others prepare smaller statues, their lotuses and accoutrements for City Temples.

Brand new molds are being crafted for the plaques of the 8 auspicious signs and 16 goddesses. For the Arizona Temple alone 256 casts of the auspicious signs will be made for the inner walls.

Some statues are filled with mantras and blessed substances when they arrive at their destination, but many are filled at the Studio before they are shipped. Here we see mantras being rolled and the inner channels being prepared.

As one shipment leaves for Paris bearing the statues of Je Tsongkhapa and his Sons and the remaining two lineages of Dorje Shugden, another arrives in Tokyo with the statues for the new shrine at KMC Tokyo.

Stay tuned for the opening of KMC Tokyo on January 25.