Help to create a peaceful future for the world

The sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace is presently under construction in Malaga Spain. All the statues and all the adornments for this and other Temples are made at the Kadampa Art Studio at the mother center, Manjushri KMC, in the UK. There are now a number of openings for volunteer visitors to help with preparations for the Malaga Temple.

One day can change the world

Friday, October 16, is Work a Day for World Peace Day, during which people all over the world will dedicate a day’s wages or whatever is a comfortable amount to help with the work of the International Temples Project. This year construction of the Sixth Temple for World Peace begins. The team has already started on the ground work and on Friday we wil be showing the first video from the new series TempleWatch Málaga!

Liberation from sorrow

On Tuesday Sep 8, Kadampas round the world join in special prayers to Buddha Tara to pray for the welfare of the world.

We recite the prayer Liberation from Sorrow  in six sessions over the 24-hour period. The session times are 02:00, 06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00 and 22:00, UK time. You can join in as many sessions as you wish.

Teachers for the modern world

Five months, and two precious books after they arrived at Manjushri KMC for the Intensive Teacher Training Program with Gen-la Khyenrab, 32 people from 12 different countries today completed their last class in the Temple.