Getting ready for the Festival

Just days away from the 2021 Summer Festival, centers around the world are busy preparing to host people who will come together to join the Festival at their location. Are you ready? If you haven’t already done so book now.

An intensive program for the Teachers

The Intensive Teacher Training Program is called ‘intensive’ for a reason. For three weeks, the Teachers follow a rigorous 6-day a week schedule of teachings, teaching skills, discussion, memorisation and prayers. Venerable Geshe-la has designed this special program to give Resident Teachers from the  centers around the world the opportunity to engage in intensive in-service training. 

Volunteers helping to build Temples

The development of the new Temple for World Peace in Málaga, Spain, depends upon the invaluable contribution made by volunteers helping out at the Kadampa Art Studio in the UK. There are always openings for people who want to join this team as a volunteer visitor.

So meaningful to behold

Enjoy this review of the first week of the Intensive Teacher Training Program as Resident Teachers from Kadampa centers worldwide gather at Manjushri KMC and other locations around the world for three weeks of intensive in-service training with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab.