Update on Travel restrictions to Spain

The Spanish Government recently announced that Covid travel restrictions will be extended until June 15. For more information view: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/spain-to-extend-existing-covid-entry-rules-for-another-month-until-june-15/

Countdown to the Festival 1 ~ Buddhas arrive in the Temple

As we count down the final weeks before the new Temple in Málaga opens and the 2022 Spring Festival begins, we follow the work of all the kind artists, builders and volunteers who are making everything ready for us.

Travelling to the Spring Festival in Spain?

Since April 1, there are three possibilities for visitors to enter Spain:
– COVD vaccination certificate
– Certificate of recovery from COVID
– Negative PCR result

Books that transform lives

Through his extraordinary collection of books Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche touches the hearts of thousands of people around the world, helping everyone find a new and meaningful direction to their lives.

Over twenty new ordained sangha will appear

The day before the Spring Festival begins, there will be an ordination ceremony at which over 20 people will receive ordination. All ordained sangha are welcome to attend.

Celebrating enlightenment around the world

Last weekend, Kadampas around the world celebrated Buddha’s Enlightenment Day with joyful gatherings and devoted practice. Nyungnay retreats to purify negative karma, teachings, empowerments and courses, vegetarian feasts, and activities for young people were just some of the ways practitioners marked the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni demonstrating the attainment of enlightenment.

Buddha’s Enlightenment Day at the mother center

At Manjushri KMC, the mother center of NKT, Buddha’s Enlightenment Day was celebrated this year with a nyungnay fasting retreat and an Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja. To the delight of everyone, a beautiful, warm spring day morphed into a magical full moon evening. Pure magic!

Have you thought about a post festival retreat?

After each International Festival, Kadampa centers around the world organise post-Festival retreats providing an opportunity to spend some time improving our understanding of the teachings and taking their meaning to heart.

2022 Buddha’s Enlightenment Day

April 15 is Buddha’s Enlightenment Day, when we celebrate Buddha demonstrating how to attain enlightenment. Even though he had already attained enlightenment many lives previously, out of great compassion he emanated in our world to demonstrate how we too can follow this path.