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14 June 2024

Beautiful weekends with Dharma

This last weekend some Kadampa centers organized group retreats. The retreats were very different and held in different parts of the world, but what everyone experienced in common was a weekend that left them feeling peaceful, inspired and happier.

There was a joint retreat with KMC Arizona, KMC Phoenix, and KMC New Mexico at IKRC Grand Canyon (US), and retreats at Nagarjuna KMC (England) and KMC Merida (Mexico).

The power of Mantra at ikrc grand canyon


Our recent joint retreat with KMC Arizona, KMC Phoenix, and KMC New Mexico was a resounding success! Set in the serene environment of The World Peace Temple, participants of all experience levels came together to explore a special meditation involving the powerful mantra of all Buddhas. The purpose of this transformative practice is to protect us from negative minds, deepen our hearts of love and compassion, and increase our spiritual energy.

There were many wonderful moments to experience, from the tranquil meditation sessions to the joyful interactions during breaks. They reminded us of the profound impact such gatherings can have on our spiritual journey.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making this retreat an enriching and memorable event. We look forward to many more opportunities to meditate and grow together in the future.

NKT - IKRC ARIZONA - 2024Power of Mantra Students with Gen Khyenwang

Painting Buddha’s form at Nagarjuna KMC Thornby


A relaxing and inspiring course with Kadam Chris Heyes who guided the drawing and painting of Buddha’s image, and provided valuable gems of information from his many years of experience of painting holy forms.

These ancient techniques help to increase peace of mind and concentration.

NKT - NAGARJUNA KMC - 2024PXL_20240607_073011789~2

All Phenomena are Like Dreams at kmc merida

NKT - KMC MERIDA - 2024IMG-20240609-WA0005

We had a wonderful weekend. We had the great fortune of engaging in silent retreat away from the city with our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Chime. Together we contemplated the most profound teachings of Buddha: those on ultimate truth, as presented by our beautiful Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. We had a wonderful weekend.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made it possible!


Follow us on our retreat

NKT US - New Kadampa Tradition - New YorkDSC_2996-X4

Nagarjuna’s intention at KMC New York

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