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02 July 2024

Peaceful minds in peaceful environments

In June, two wonderful retreats were organized in Texas, US, and the town of Choachí near Bogotá, Colombia. Participants had a chance to learn about meditation while enjoying peaceful and natural environments.

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Clear Sky Mind Day Retreat at KMC Texas

Over 100 people attended our Clear Sky Mind retreat at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Resident Teacher of KMC Texas, Gen Kelsang Menla gave precious teachings on how the true nature of our mind is clarity, peaceful, and free from suffering. A joyful group of diverse practitioners explored their potential for limitless peace through practical meditations, meaningful conversations, and healing walks through stunning and colorful gardens. We all enjoyed both the beauty of holy Dharma and the peaceful surroundings!

Meditate to Heal in Bogota

At the end of June, KMC Colombia held an out-of-town retreat close to Bogota, in the beautiful scenery of Choachí. Many people had the opportunity to dedicate a whole weekend to Meditate to Heal, contemplating profound teachings on compassion and the faults of self-cherishing and self-grasping, given by our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Atisha.

Through moving teachings and profound meditations, attendees experienced a powerful and blessed retreat in a harmonious environment.

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