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18 June 2024

Great events in Spain last weekend

Last weekend several Kadampa centers in Spain held a variety of courses. These were very beautiful and unifying events, showing the power of Sangha of teamwork.

There was a joint special course with KMC Granada at KMC Spain in Malaga, a wisdom course at  KMC Barcelona and walk and meditation with Lamrim KBC in Valladolid. 


NKT - KMC GRANADA - 2024 DSC07121

During this wonderful weekend we received precious teachings on how to cultivate love, compassion and wisdom and reduce selfishness and mental disturbances, in the course '8 Steps to be Happy'

Kelsang Pandita, the Resident Teacher of KMC Granada, guided us step by step through this deep knowledge in a simple way and through meditation we were able to get closer to this experience of peace that the sincere practice of these extraordinary teachings provides.

We wholeheartedly thank the entire team at KMC Spain, who take care of this blessed space so that many people can benefit from this highly qualified environment dedicated to peace in the world.

Thank you Geshe-la!

NKT - KMC GRANADA - 2024 WhatsApp Image 2024-06-17 at 09.28.42 (5)
NKT - KMC GRANADA - 2024 DSC07000

'The Wheel of Life' at KMC Barcelona


The Resident Teacher of KMC Barcelona, Gen Kelsang Lochani, taught The Wheel of Life  at KMC Barcelona city center, C.de Berlín, 97, which was recently inaugurated by Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong. About 120 people enjoyed these valuable teachings on how to cut the cycle of rebirth in samsara and free themselves from suffering permanently.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts all the people who volunteered their time to make this precious event possible.

Thank you dear Geshe-la for giving us all the necessary conditions for Dharma to reach so many people in the city.

Walk and meditate IN VALLADOLID

NKT - KBC VALLADOLID - 2024 20240615_122434

Last Saturday some practitioners of Lamrim KBC in Valladolid spent a wonderful day relaxing in nature, meditating, walking and sharing special moments with the Sangha.

A very special thank you to everyone who participated and made this beautiful day possible.

New temporary signage was added to the front gate to welcome visitors and provide them with helpful information
NKT - KBC VALLADOLID - 2024 20240615_111729
NKT - KMC MEXICO - 2024 (14)

Wisdom & Compassion in Mexico

NKT-IKBU - Kadampa - Colombia - Bogota - IMG_20240622_175247

Peaceful minds in peaceful environments

NKT - KMC BARCELONA - 2024 (25)

Northern Dharma Celebration in Spain


Profound Teachings from Buddha’s Heart ~ Summer Festival 2024