03 August 2021


Day 5 ~ wisdom & a life of service

wisdom within everyone's reach

Yesterday Gen-la Dekyong completed her extraordinary presentation of Kadam Lamrim with two more powerful and inspiring teachings. Thank you Gen-la for such a precious gift to the world.

Gen-la explained that we have to choose between endless suffering and permanent liberation. Do we remain with the ignorance of self-grasping and self-cherishing? Or do we strive to realize the true nature of reality? On paper it may seem an easy decision to make – but to succeed we need a deep understanding of the wisdom realising emptiness. And although this might seem to be quite a challenge, thanks to Venerable Geshe-la we have every condition we need to accomplish this.

Venerable Geshe-la’s unique presentation puts wisdom realisations within everyone’s reach. Gen-la taught us how to take words of wisdom from the pages of his books and store them in our heart. Mixing the very meaning of the Spiritual Guide's our mind at our heart we can go quickly, as Genla said, to the Dharma side  and enjoy our very own modern Kadampa way of life.

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Understanding real happiness?

Living Clarity
Living Clarity
Understanding real happiness?

If we ask what is happiness we find people have many different ideas and it is difficult to say clearly what the experience of happiness really is.

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We can only practice what is in our hearts

A life of service

Gen-la finished with an explanation of how at the heart of relying on the Spiritual Guide is a mind of service, wishing to use our precious human life to fulfil our Spiritual Guide's wishes. Since Venerable Geshe-la's heartfelt wish is to create conditions for everyone  throughout the world, in this and future generations, to enjoy the Dharma of the Kadam Oral Lineage, we can dedicate our life to helping to fulfil this wish in practical ways.

Service to the Spiritual Guide and public service to benefit all living beings is the subject of the beautiful video with Gen-la Jampa below. Watch and be inspired!

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Yesterday’s morning meditation with Gen-la Kunsang was Venerable Geshe-la's personal meditation that combines the whole of Lamrim and is incredibly effective in causing qualified renunciation to naturally arise.

Then Gen-la Dekyong began the teachings by summarizing the first three great scope meditations in The Mirror of Dharma, that Venerable Geshe-la taught at the Fall Festival in 2013.

Gen la showed how we allow ourself to be deluded, and said that Geshe la encourages us to not allow ourself to be angry, negative, discouraged...deluded. We can do this through our determination and by memorizing, having Geshe-la's words in our heart so they will naturally come out when we need them to control our mind and make it peaceful.

Fortunate modern Kadampa disciples learn to internally multitask, meaning we skillfully combine different meditations into one, such as an oral instruction of refuge practice in which we generate renunciation and bodhicitta in one Mahayana refuge mind.

We take responsibility for our good fortune and share it with others by experiencing it and thereby naturally being a pure example in our modern society.

We have 84,000 reasons to be happy, not to mention all the Temples, Centres, Sangha - the list is endless!

Emptiness has great meaning. Everyone needs to understand and realize it's meaning to experience permanent freedom from suffering. Imagine, when our suffering ceases what we have to offer to others - we'll be tireless giving to everyone.

We need to contemplate the purpose of the meditation on emptiness. This will liberate so much joyous energy in our heart. The words in this meditation are like quintessential guidance on the path. We can learn them very quickly. This is our Guru's kindness.

Geshe-la encourages us to ask ourself the question, ‘What does emptiness really mean?’ When we understand deeply what emptiness means, when we perceive this we will perceive a generic image of emptiness. We hold it and remain.

Unlike other meditations, with meditation on emptiness the object of meditations is not a determination but a generic image. It is harder to remain on this because it is not part of mind and so easier to be distracted. So when we find the object of meditation on emptiness we have to refresh it many many times in one session.



Wow! The teachings and empowerments of Week 1 have been so extraordinary. Gen-la Dekyong has taught with such clarity and power. Again and again showing us the example of a disciple becoming a true oracle for Geshe-la, she transmitted a perfect feast of Venerable Geshe-la’s advice and instructions.

What stands out for me is how she brought alive the unique qualities of The Mirror of Dharma. Teaching us how to find the essential objects of our Lamrim meditation, how to hold them in our heart through memory and how to meditate in an effective and skillful way that will bring realisations.

As always, she drew us so close to Venerable Geshe-la, our living Je Tsongkhapa, highlighting the importance of Guru Yoga in ripening our potential for gaining realisations.

She fearlessly inspired us to work for the benefit of others and in the service of our precious tradition and Spiritual Guide. In this way we also fulfil the heart commitments of Dorje Shugden, to cherish Kadam Dharma, to practice and teach Dharma purely and to take personal responsibility for our tradition flourishing in the world.

Finally in perfect sync with the clear skies and beautiful illusory appearances, she gave sublime teachings on emptiness. Everything is empty like space, everything is mere name and functioning perfectly. She encouraged us again and again with Geshe-la’s words that emptiness solves all our pain and problems. Like the son of a childless woman in emptiness they disappear. We relax with the truth of emptiness.

Thank you Gen-la


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