01 August 2021


Day 4 ~a banquet of delight

touching hearts around the world

Yesterday we enjoyed two extraordinary teachings by Gen-la Dekyong on essential Kadam Lamrim as transmitted to her by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

The teachings were so clear, so powerful, so inspiring. They touched the hearts of so many people around the world very deeply. It feels as if we have been invited to a special banquet at which every teaching, every meditation brings delight to the mind.

So much to be thankful for!

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Understanding real happiness?

Living Clarity
Living Clarity
Understanding real happiness?

If we ask what is happiness we find people have many different ideas and it is difficult to say clearly what the experience of happiness really is.

The banquet continues

Today, after the final meditation with Gen-la Kunsang,  we receive two more teachings on Kadam Lamrim from Gen-la. And then tomorrow - retreat with Gen Losang.

What an extraordinary banquet this is!

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A visit to the Málaga Temple site


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nyima, sweden

Inspired in Plymouth

Sascha, Germany

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greetings & gratitude from the swiss mountains

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Robyn & Alicia, Australia


Alicia and I were watching The Life of Buddha video after the Dorje Shugden empowerment, with Freya our dog fast asleep. As soon as Buddha's Mantra OM MUNI MUNI MAHA MUNIYE SOHA was sung in the video, Freya woke up and became very interested! As you can see ❤.

Kadampas in Taiwan


Our youngest Kadampa today was Izzy, who is 7. She helped make a table for the empowerment shrine, and then our small but very happy crew of Kadampas excitedly got ready for the blessings of Dorje Shugden to rain down on Taiwan! Thank you to Gen-la Dekyong and every one else who is working hard to let us all enjoy this together! Izzy said it was so wonderful today she didn't want to leave the KMC.

Flavia, Brasil


Poder participar de um Festival de Verão acompanhando alguém dentro de um hospital tem sido mais uma prova das qualidades extraordinárias da NKT, e das bênçãos habilidosas de Venerável Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Não há palavras para dizer o quanto somos afortunados por estarmos sob seus cuidados, e podermos nos sentir parte desta comunidade em momentos de tanto isolamento!

Obrigada a todos!

Hoang & Loc, Vietnam

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Dear Festival organizers,

We are all connected through your great kindness. Thank you, Geshe-la and festival organizers!

With love,
Hoang and Loc, from Hanoi

Festival Snapshots

enjoying the festival in barcelona

kadampas around the world




I don’t know if it’s entirely the result of trying to listen with the six recognitions that Gen Thekchen encouraged us all to hold in the Introduction on Friday night, but it is very hard not to think that there was something truly extraordinary - from their own side! - about the teachings we received today from Gen la Dekyong.

Our General Spiritual Director is really a living example of the results of practising exactly what she teaches: the advice she has received directly from her own Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Her explanation this morning of how to meditate effectively - so that it works - so that the meaning of Kadam Dharma touches our hearts, moves our minds and transforms our lives - was one of the most powerful teachings I think I’ve ever received.

And then this afternoon Gen la gave the most profound and powerful explanation of how to apply this to the meditations on renunciation and bodhichitta.

Using Venerable Geshe la’s oral instruction on how to find the real object of renunciation, Gen la helped us to generate a truly terrifying, empowering wisdom fear of samsara in all our hearts.

Discussing afterwards with others it seems that everyone who listened is now deeply inspired and encouraged to try to practise to the very best of our ability - to become fortunate, modern Kadampa disciples. Because, as Gen la said, we can wake up from this nightmare, and then we can lead all living beings to permanent freedom.

How on earth will she top this tomorrow?!



It is difficult to imagine what causes we must have created to be at tis Festival and receive the sublime transmission of Kadam Lamrim from Gen-la Dekyong, who has received it directly from Venerable Geshe-la himself.

All day people were talking about how amazing the first two teachings were. The first was an exquisite demonstration of how through the kind of faith and devotion Gen-la shows, you can become so close to your Spiritual Guide that when people listen to your teachings they feel as if they are actually in his presence!

What a teaching! What great good fortune to have received the most intimate instructions on how to meditate revealed directly by Venerable Geshe-la himself.

This teaching will resonate in my mind fo the rest of my life and serve as a constant source of inspiration to strive to engage in qualified meditation.

Thank you Geshe-la, thank you Gen-la.



Today we learned our life has a secret switch, how one connection can lighten up our whole existence. This is the connection between the appearances of our daily life and Kadam Dharma.

As Genla Dekyong revealed, when this happens all our daily activities become our practice. We don’t use meditation to escape from life. Instead we get a special energy. Our life itself becomes our meditation practice. Every moment becomes meaningful, every experience infused with Dharma, every action leading us closer towards Enlightenment.

How do we connect? Through Venerable Geshe la’s uniquely powerful Lamrim meditation instructions. Take these deeply to heart and our mind, our determinations and our daily appearances meld effortlessly into one. How can we not make progress? We just need to switch on. Connect to our Guru and keep the current flowing.


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