12 August 2021


Day 14 ~ teachings to retreat

Thank you Gen-la

Yesterday, with two extraordinary teachings on Heruka body mandala, Gen-la Jampa's teachings drew to a close. Teachings that, though extremely profound, were presented in such a practical way that everyone felt empowered and eager to engage in the practice. Though brief, Gen-la's teachings were skilfully crafted and comprehensive, even including the Six-session Guru Yoga practice.

Those of us already practicing Highest Yoga Tantra felt refreshed and renewed and greatly encouraged to continue our practice with renewed enthusiasm. And those meeting these sublime practices fo the first time were left with a feeling of excitement and quiet confidence that they had been gifted something very precious to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Something they would now begin to explore in a little more depth in the retreat.

Thank you Gen-la, from the depths of our hearts.

But as that door closed, another door opened, for in the evening, Gen Rabten was on the throne starting a 13-session retreat on The Yoga of Buddha Heruka. A chance to really put these precious teachings into practice with a qualified guide.

What a banquet of delight this Festival is!

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Why we need to bless our channels and drops

Gen-la Jampa
Gen-la Jampa
Why we need to bless our channels and drops

The purpose of Heruka body mandala practice

Reflections on the concluding teachings

"Yesterday Genla Jampa concluded his teachings with the best news for everyone - We can start practising right away! He told us how our Spiritual Guide’s sublime Guru Yoga and his special body mandala instructions are perfect for modern Kadampas. With faith and effort we can all become practitioners of the Yoga of Buddha Heruka.

"He gave us a welcome reminder of the deep meaning of two words we recite every day - 'ripen' and 'liberate', followed by a most clear and lucid explanation of the union of appearance and emptiness.

"And he gave us confidence that this holy object, the very essence of the Ganden Oral Lineage, can be realised within this life.

"Finally, he read a beautiful dedication that spoke for all of us and touched all our hearts, and together, around the world, we prayed for the long life of our precious Spiritual Guide and the endless flourishing of his activities.

"Thank you Gen-la for these precious teachings, and above all thank you Venerable Geshe-la for making these incomparable instructions appear in our lives.

As Genla said, “There is no greater kindness, no greater good fortune.”


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Liberation from subtle mistaken appearance

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Kaori, USA


I feel blessed receiving Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment inside Heruka's Mandala at the IKRC Grand Canyon.

Liesel, Peru


La Inspiración para esforzarnos en la práctica del Sagrado Dharma Kadam, a través de nuestro Precioso Guía Espiritual, es muy motivador.

Gracias, gracias mil por las maravillosas enseñanzas 🙏🙏🙏

Jude, USA

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I am a beginner, and this is my first Festival and these empowerment's. At times I feel quite blissful and other times I am tired. And all total, I am very happy with my experience here, and highly recommend it!

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We had 9 Highest Yoga Tantra freshmen here in Shanghai and 7 second-timers enjoying this rare opportunity to receive the Vajrayogini empowerment and the joyful transmission of the 3-OM mantra.

The teachings were extremely reassuring and, for such a sublime practice, easy to apply. We were incredibly confident during the whole process. We just enjoyed it!

Of course we understand that after the empowerments, we will have to return to the four great rivers of samsara, but our minds are lighter after being nourished by the Teachers’ skilful, transforming powers. It is as if we have received a proven reset therapy for the problems out there.


(see the next INSIGHT for more from Alicia)


We managed to get out of our sleepy minds and encourage each other not to be satisfied with only using the gross mind to deal with daily problems any more.

We reminded each other to activate our great bliss mind to fight against the old ridiculous self.

Although we were only making fun of each other’s self, I guess we are making progress through all these sparks of logic colliding, not without happy surprises to see our new perspective, new communication and new world view with new value system.

Obviously our minds are expanding, while our worldly problems are shrinking through our courageous self-overturn. We are experimenting another way of BEING although we still cannot avoid the worldly way of DOING for now. At least, whenever we are here, we learn to pause and taste this way of BEING.

As Gen-la Khyenrab said during the Q&A, we should not expect too much in terms of progress speed or tangible results to start with, it’s sufficient to have the joyful intention for continuous efforts in this direction.

The Teachers have been so kind to us, and took care to fill any potholes along our path towards enlightenment. We have no reason to make any detours. After all, at each Festival, we can see so many smart disciples travelling the path not so far ahead of us, thus giving us precious courage and confidence.

Although we are few here in Shanghai we have trust in the correct path and the safe direction are taking. We are each other’s Dharma protectors.


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