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21 November 2020

Templewatch Málaga ~ the story so far

On this page you can keep up with the latest news on the construction of the sixth Kadampa Temple for World Peace at KMC Spain in Málaga, and to catch up on any updates you might have missed.

What a privilege to watch something so auspicious, emanating from the heart of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche appear before our very eyes!

Be sure to follow the progress and be the first to hear news as the Temple approaches completion and preparations are put in place for the Official Opening Ceremony -
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24~ A beautiful copper roof & much more

Since the last update, so much has been accomplished at the Temple site. Besides the installation of the exquisite standing-seam copper roof panels great progress has been made in many areas.

23~ So much progress at the new Temple!

23~ So much progress! Concrete and structure of the new building Vajra column bases  Gold panels for the lantern Stucco Heated floor Copper fascia Copper standing seam roof panels  Gold leafing the vajras and auspicious symbols  Sewage and electricity Be sure to follow the progress and be the first to hear news as the Temple … Read more

22 ~ New building arising

Work has now begun on a substantial accommodation block that will mirror the one already in place, both with amazing views of the Temple. Here we see the foundations being laid.

21 ~ The golden lantern and much more

In the last update we saw the lantern tower and crowning vajra installed. This time we see the lantern adorned with golden glass and then the golden ‘hips’ installed bringing the lantern. virtually to completion How precious!

20 ~ The crowning glory

The big day arrived! While some workers were engaged in the stone wall landscaping and others preparing the outer Temple walls for the stucco, the Dharma Wheel, the Lantern Tower and the Crowning Vajra were lifted into place. What an auspicious day!

19 ~ Progress on all fronts!

Artists, construction workers and landscapes are all working hard to bring the Temple to completion. Windows are installed, the cladding for the pillars in place, the exterior landscaping under way and the final touches being added to the lantern tower before it is liften into place at the top pf the Temple.

18 ~ Preparing for the adornments

With finishing work on the exterior and interior preparing for the adornments, prepping the ribs of the lantern and the vajra base for gold leafing, filling a statue for the Temple shrine and much more, the project has made great progress since the last update.

17 ~ The extraordinary blessings of the Temple

In this truly inspiring video we meet some of the people helping to build the Temple in Málaga, who talk of their experiences. We see directly how Venerable Geshe-la’s kindness and blessings touch everyone involved involved in this auspicious project.

16 ~ The Temple preparing for many visitors

Among the many developments since the last update, we now see the space being cleared and prepared to receive hundreds of visitors by car, bus and so forth.

15 ~ Auspicious moments at the Temple

Among all the amazing recent developments at the site of the construction of the Kadampa Temple in Málaga, some of the most noticeable were lifting a vajra and one of the exterior auspicious symbols into place as a test. Watch this and much more in the latest video.