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07 May 2021

Where does temple art come from? Where does it go to?

The Kadampa Art Studio quietly hums with joyful energy.

1,100 objects are being prepared for the Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Málaga.

Of the 37 vajras that need to be cast and gilded for the Temple, 10 are already completed and another 10 are under way.

The Temple also needs 40 Buddha family plaques, of which over 30 are completed, and 68 Confession Buddha plaques of which 55 are now cast and sanded.

Half the sets of auspicious symbols have been cast and sanded and are now being gilded.

Next up, hundreds of spacers will be cast and painted - 460 in total!

Meanwhile the large Buddha statue for KMC Leeds is almost finished, and the lotus is currently being painted, while urban Temple sized statues are being made for London and Dublin.

Who supports all this work? Who provides all the materials? Watch the video to find out.


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