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04 August 2020

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Day 13 ~ integrating lamrim & daily life

On the last day of the teachings, Gen-la emphasised the need to be aware of the Dharma teachings coming from our everyday appearances.

For Milarepa, everything he saw was a spiritual teaching. By practicing like this we enter into the pure land of Lamrim. We then benefit from life’s difficulties, which act as a powerful teacher encouraging us on the spiritual path.

With this teaching, through our Guru’s blessings, we find the real joyful path of good fortune.

Gen-la gave a clear, beautiful explanation on how ro remember emptiness in our daily activities by remembering not to believe mistaken appearance is the truth, and relying on the mental factor alertness.

'Friends, the things you desire give no more satisfaction than drinking sea water, therefore practise contentment.'

Contentment is a mind that is satisfied with one’s outer and inner conditions motivated by a virtuous intention. Trying to solve unhappiness and dissatisfaction with material methods is like drinking sea water.

By practicing contentment, we experience inner peace and joy free from uncontrolled desire. This is the real wealth.

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Faith in Lamrim

Faith in Lamrim
Gen-la Jampa

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Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

A joyful life

Atisha gave his precious advice so that we can integrate Lamrim teachings with our daily life.

From practicing during our daily activities we receive immense temporary benefit and solve our human problems. Teaching Dharma with a pure motivation is our generosity to modern people.

'I personally believe there is no greater good fortune in this world than to be a humble disciple of Venerable Geshe-la.'

With these words, Gen-la explained how the joy of our Kadampa life comes directly from Venerable Geshe-la.

From one point of view it is impossible to repay our Spiritual Guide’s kindness, but from another point of view we can greatly delight him by offering our practice of Kadam Lamrim and helping Dharma to flourish to the best of our ability.

Then we are following Atisha’s advice, creating inner and outer peace.

What a joyful life!

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Atisha's Advice for Everyone


The language of kadam dharma

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Kadampas in Rome

Great news from brazil

Just as the Festival was about to begin, we received great news from Tharpa Brazil.

"Back in 1992  the first Portuguese edition of a book by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpcohe was published. Since then, Tharpa Brazil has grown considerably and now publishes and distributes the wisdom of modern Buddhism throughout the country in the form of books, prayer booklets, audio meditations and Buddhist art.

"Now, with the publication of 'Clara-Luz de Êxtase' (Clear Light of Bliss), all 23 of Venerable Geshe-la's books are available in Portuguese!"


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olga, switzerland

woo, US

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alison, uk

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I want to share the astonishing indoor rainbow that appeared over my Tara shrine during the empowerment session on Saturday. I felt very emotional from this beautiful sign that she is very much with us.

I’m still unable to explain it’s appearance, but all that matters is that these special signs strengthen our faith in her loving care & swift kindness.

Another lockdown on our community has caused so many to be fearful and isolated so what a very special time to retreat and receive blessings here in Halifax, West Yorkshire!

Kelsang Sudhana, Chile

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-04 at 15.01.14

I love the inspiration that comes from being at the Festivals.

Festivals give us special power to keep working for the flourishing of Kadam Dharma and to benefit others.


image0 (26)

Such great good fortune to receive special empowerment blessings and to strengthen our connection with Arya Tara!

I am so touched that she promised Venerable Atisha that, "I will care for all your followers in the future".

We simply have to remember that she is always with us at our hearts.

May everyone achieve the supreme happiness of enlightenment!"

Akira, nala, demerval, brazil


Hello from Brasil!

Akira, Nala and I are enjoying a lot the Festival.

With love,

at ikrc while we were watching gen-la jampa



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Gen-la Jampa asked us, “why are we so shocked when things go wrong in our life?”

He gave the analogy of a sewer: If we walk past a sewer, we can accept that the sewer stinks, because that is its very nature. There is no sense in feeling that it shouldn’t stink. In the same way, Samsara stinks - its very nature is suffering - so why do I have to be in conflict with it?

I find it so inspiring that when things go wrong (which happens quite frequently!) I can utilise these things as a Dharma practice, and turn big and small challenges into spiritual food. This reminds me of the precious symbol of the peacock, a bird which thrives on eating poisonous berries.

As I hear this teaching from Gen-la Jampa I feel myself relax into an open space of acceptance. I don’t feel so trapped anymore by my reactions to painful feelings and inevitable problems.

By understanding that problems and pains are entirely natural - a part of my mind which I can regulate with blessings and practice - I feel encouraged to accept them.

This is so freeing.

Thank you Gen-la, and thank you Venerable Geshe-la for teaching us this sublimely liberating practice.

Jared, UK


After yesterday’s teachings on Sunday August 2nd, Buddha Arya Tara came to visit us.

Here in the town of Sutton, Canada, the wind picked up, strong and powerful, making the leaves of the trees sing and dance.

I immediately thought that Mother Tara was happy that we had received these teachings on the practice of "Liberation from Sorrow" and that she was manifesting it to us by the rapid force of the wind.

Then, in the evening, her wisdom flashed in the sky as lightings !

I was not afraid, all alone in my cabin in the woods, because I knew I was in the presence of Mother Tara.

Andrée, Canada

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