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05 August 2020

Banner Festival Summer

Day 14 ~ Closing retreat

With this extraordinary Festival entering its final phase, yesterday we joined Kadam Morten at KMC New York City for three days of blissful retreat on Arya Tara and Kadam Lamrim.

During the Festival the video of each of the sessions begins with an establishing shot showing the location at which the teaching or meditation is taking place.

We started in the tranquil setting of the mother centre, Manjushri KMC, and then relocated to IKRC Grand Canyon, which despite its idyllic rural location in northern Arizona is nevertheless located right beside a major cross country freeway - a deliberate choice by Venerable Geshe-la to enable millions of people each year to receive the imprint of liberation from seeing a Temple for World Peace as they drive by.

In the intro to the final retreat we begin with a journey through Manhattan and arrive at the peace and calm of the beautiful meditation room at KMC NYC.

An international retreat conducted from Chelsea in Midtown Manhattan! What a perfect illustration of the power of Venerable Geshe-la's compassionate intention and extraordinary vision! And what a perfect illustration of the versatility and universal applicability of Modern Kadampa Buddhism!

festival podcast

A Special Way to Rely on the Spiritual Guide

A Special Way to Rely on the Spiritual Guide
Gen-la Jampa

00:00 /

How He is Liberating Us

integrating daily life experiences

Kadam Morten introduced the retreat with a delightful menu. We will start by engaging in Liberation from Sorrow, the Tara sadhana, and then follow on with meditations on Advice from Atisha’s Heart.

This first day of retreat was to "connect us directly to the ocean of peace, the ocean of joy, that is Guru Arya Tara's heart".

'Wouldn't it be wonderful,' Kadam Morten said, 'to know that whatever help we receive is coming from Tara? To know that she is protecting us, guiding us, all the time?' And he encouraged us throughout our meditation break to remember her so that we are always conscious of her blessings, her emanations,  her assistance - of being guided to her Pure Land all the time.

Then we have the great good fortune to contemplate Advice from Atisha’s Heart in meditation.

Again, Kadam Morten encouraged us: 'We need to feel very joyful that we have this opportunity to practice the Kadampa way of life: to bring daily appearances into the path, […] to integrate our daily life experiences with our Lamrim practice.'

Following step by step each piece of advice, we will have a chance to develop a strong and sincere wish to attain enlightenment, and the determination to follow our Spiritual Guide until we achieve enlightenment.

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teaching excerpt

Taking Dharma to Heart


kadampas in nyc

family album

a kadampa family in colombia


international kadampa family online

Submissions for this Festival are now closed.
Thank you to everyone for all your inspiring contributions.
See you soon for the Fall Festival!

videos from the home front

maria, portugal

lynn, usa

photo stories

Alicia, China.


The date chosen for the Tara empowerment was one day ahead of the full moon - mid-month day on our traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

But then a miracle happened! For the first time in recorded history the moon waxed to full a day ahead of the 15th of the lunar calendar month!

People across the whole China lifted their eyes to pay homage to the beauty of this round face and were excited at her earlier arrival for no apparent reason. But we, Kadampas, know the reason, right?

I woke up at midnight only to see her face shining through my window, looking directly at me.

Then I stayed awake until morning watching the teachings online in her presence.

Gabriela, Portugal


The thrill of attending this Festival with the Sangha once again, just like we attended the spring festival, is an indescribable feeling. Yet another transforming festival for our family.

Thank you for the kindness of all the Teachers and other people involved in bringing the Dharma into our home.

We are experiencing a banquet of pure teachings, by very qualified Teachers. We are very fortunate for that.

Thank you Gueshe-la.

max, uk

received_737790020098976 (1)

Hi to all my Kadampa family, love you all.

What a wonderful festival!

I think for me the big take home is 'Train in every activity by words'.' And with strong faith to request blessings for assistance and transform every situation we find ourselves in into the Pure Land of Kadam Lamrim.

We are the fortunate first generation of modern Kadampa disciples and the blessings are strong. Let's do this!

elie, france


I am following the festival one day behind.

Thanks to the kindness of Venerable Geshe la's flexibility, I was able to follow the festival and take a break to help my daughter without losing anything.

Today I am following yesterday's teachings and can no longer stop my tears. I paused many times to be able to write down the maximum of these powerful teachings. At the end I cried.

How wonderful this way of presenting is, accessible to all. How encouraging to improve my Lamrim practice.

Thank you so much Venerable Geshe-la and thank you so much to all the Kadampas who made this online festival possible.

Can't wait to meet again in Manjushri!



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Thank you for everything, dear and kind Geshe-la!

Thanks also to all Resident Teachers and to the volunteers who strive to maintain the Dharma Centers. It was thanks to this network of goodness that I came to Dharma.

The Kadampa Festivals are a gift to my heart, I feel that I receive many blessings directly from the oral instructions given in each class.

These blessings strengthen me so that I can continue on the spiritual path and, more than ever, I feel the desire for many other people, to have the same opportunity that I had, to reach a Dharma Center.

Those who do not yet have a Dharma Center in their city, please ask for one, follow the advice that our dear Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong spoke. This is the seed for the flourishing of Dharma in many hearts.

Imagine how wonderful it is to have a Dharma Center in your city!

I am very happy to be participating in yet another Festival.

Thank you!

Eliana, Brasil


One thing different about this year’s amazing online Festival is that it is opening doors in our mind in a different way than when we are all together in one place. 

The Festival atmosphere makes it so easy to feel like you are experiencing a Pure Land, surrounded by so many blessings, Sangha jewels and Dharma teachings. 

This year we are able to experience all of those special feelings while still in our same old, ordinary life. 

A beautiful reminder that even though it appears we are apart, that is the mirage.

We really are interconnected through the Three Jewels.

Much Love,

Tia, USA

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