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03 August 2020

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Day 12 ~ advice from the heart

Yesterday, Gen-la Jampa began four teachings on Kadam Lamrim based on the famous text Advice from Atisha's Heart.  Atisha is the original author of Kadam Lamrim. He was very close to Tara and she promised him that in the future she would take special care of his followers. For Kadampas, therefore, this is a special opportunity to receive teachings that are the very core of our tradition.

Gen-la explained how Lamrim is very practical and suitable for everyone and asked, 'Who doesn’t need these instructions?' Everyone does.

And he encouraged us that if we show such a good heart, people will really understand the value of Kadam Lamrim.

Now through the kindness of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, a Kadampa master of modern life, we can receive these instructions like Atisha’s first disciples did, and accomplish Lamrim realisations in modern times.

Through engaging in Lamrim practice, we can destroy the darkness of ignorance and attain enlightenment in one short human life through the blessings of this lineage and the kindness of Venerable Geshe-la, who is providing every good condition, and more!

festival podcast

The Life Story of Arya Tara

The Life Story of Arya Tara
Gen-la Jampa

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Understanding Her Special Qualities

relying on the holy spiritual guide

"Until you realise ultimate truth, listening is indispensable, therefore listen to the instructions of the Spiritual Guide."

Gen-la explained that one very special reason we need to rely on our Spiritual Guide is to gain a perfect understanding of ultimate truth so that we can gain a direct realisation and attain liberation. We can’t do this just from reading books because we can easily develop misunderstandings, and no one can give us their realisations as a gift. We need to receive blessings and contemplate gradually in our Guru’s presence so that the teaching touches our heart.

Gen-la encouraged us saying we can receive teachings directly from Venerable Geshe-la. Venerable Geshe-la has told us:

'If you have faith, when you are reading you should regard it as if it is being spoken by me directly.'

Following Atisha’s advice to 'practice earnestly with understanding,' Gen-la gave simple but profound teachings on how to bring daily appearance into the path. He reminded us that death is not reserved only for the sick and the old, so we should make time for Dharma practice now.

Gen-la concluded by reminding us that we should aspire to have a daily Lamrim practice in conjunction with the Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa. The special determinations we generate in formal meditation guide our daily life, and our daily life deepens our Dharma experiences.

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teaching excerpt

The Elephant of Ignorance


behind the scenes

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Kadampas in Sydney


international kadampa family online

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videos from the home front

Brazil during lock down

Angelica, Columbia

Tiphaine, USA

photo stories



We would like to share this photo with Kadampa family.

Wish you all a blessed summer festival!

Much love from Hanoi!

sarah, austria


The Viennese sangha came together to enjoy the blessing empowerment of Arya Tara.

Our commercial space is still under construction, so this precious event was held in a private setting.

We are very grateful to be able to receive blessings via online streaming.

Thank you Geshe-la and Gen-la Jampa for this special opportunity!

basile, france

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-03 at 10.32.37

Hi dear Kadampa family. I'm so delighted to be joining the NKT summer festival 2020 online with you all.

I hope you are well and can enjoy the best conditions to follow these priceless instructions.

May we put our Guru's advices into practice so that we can attain the supreme compassion and wisdom of a Buddha.

Love to all.

marisa, SPAIN

Elena Pros_WhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 at 11.04.14

My Kadampa friend shared this snapshot of her shrine at home. She is doing the 2nd week of the festival online.

I find all the snapshots very inspiring. It opens my heart to the minds of faith of all Kadampas and I feel the love of our precious Guru Geshe-la in the heart of others and in my own heart

Thank you Geshe-la

kelsang lamchog, australia


We had another gathering of 21 people at the center, this time for the Green Tara empowerment with Gen-la Jampa.

Everyone was in joyous festive mood!

Sara, germany

IMG_0911 (1)

This online festival has made such incredible things happen.

We have travelled from Germany and are attending the Festival from my small village in Castilla León, Spain.

Here, due to these unusual conditions, the sound of Dharma words, of the bell and damaru, and of the mantras of Amitayus and Tara are being heard for the very first time, sowing seeds in this area, benefiting indirectly its inhabitants.

Thank you Geshe-la. Thanks to all of you for making this possible.

May every living being be happy and free from suffering. As soon as possible. Forever.




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Gen-la Jampa quoted Geshe-la, asking "who has helped me?" Well... after all the amazing teachings we have received, I asked myself, "Who has not helped me? Who is not helping me?" For a short moment, I had a glimpse of how it feels to recognize that I am surrounded by emanations of Guru Arya Tara, which gave an echo to recognizing that all living beings are my kind mothers. Such a peaceful and joyful feeling. I hope someday this will be my default view!

When I look at our precious teachers while they are sharing Geshe-la's instructions, their experience, I feel so inspired by their wonderful example. They are for sure helping us. For me, they are showing what it looks like when we are governed by the minds of faith, love, compassion and wisdom. They are radiating kindness and joy. This is clearly for me, the joy of a kadampa life, the joy of being at the service of all living beings and of our precious Spiritual Guide.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped for this festival to appear, and most of all, thank you Venerable Geshe-la for your immeasurable kindness.

Kelsang Sukha, France


One thing different about this year’s amazing online festival is that it is opening doors in our mind in a different way than when we are all together in one place.  The festival atmosphere makes it so easy to feel like you are experiencing a Pure Land, surrounded by so many blessings, Sangha jewels and Dharma teachings. 

This year we are able to experience all those special feelings while still in our same old, ordinary life.  A beautiful reminder that even though it appears we are apart, that is the mirage. We really are interconnected through the Three Jewels.

Much Love,

Tia, USA

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