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KMC Los Angeles was born from a rich history of Kadam Dharma in California. The Founder and Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, gave teachings in 1996 in San Diego, Santa Barbara & San Francisco, sowing the seeds for the flourishing of the New Kadampa Tradition in California. Venerable Geshe-la founded Khandakapala Buddhist Center in Los Angeles in 1994, with classes beginning in 1995. California has also had the great good fortune to host International Festivals taught by Venerable Geshe-la - Calistoga (1999) and downtown Los Angeles (2002).  Venerable Geshe-la also taught at Khandakapala Buddhist Center during his 2002 visit to LA.

“Such a big city - 11 million people live here. They need Dharma eyes, wisdom eyes, to see truth, reality. They need to know, understand, how to make themselves happy, they need to know how to solve their daily problems and they need to know how to maintain good relationships with others and with their family, continually.”

- Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche - Los Angeles, Nov 17, 2002

Present Center

Originally a church built in 1937, KMC Los Angeles offers prime visibility on a busy east-west thoroughfare in a popular, trendy section of LA. The Meditation Hall features 25-foot high, vaulted, original wood ceilings, stained glass and seating for 250 people, including a balcony area. There is a small house on the property with three residents, and the second floor of the Temple, behind the balcony, is currently being renovated to accommodate four more residents.

KMC Los Angeles is located in a beautiful, dynamic neighborhood, walking distance from cafes and coffee shops, hiking distance from Griffith Park Observatory, and a short drive to iconic beaches, scenic hikes and the famed Hollywood Boulevard.

Resident Teacher

The Resident Teacher at KMC Los Angeles is Gen Kelsang Rigpa, an American Buddhist monk who is the Western US National Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU. Gen Rigpa teaches extensively at Kadampa centers in the western United States, which includes giving community and public talks, as well as granting empowerments and giving teachings at the California, Southwest and Northwest Dharma Celebrations. Gen Rigpa also teaches at National and International Festivals.

Spiritual Program & Special Events

KMC Los Angeles offers a variety of General Program (GP) classes, including Meditation for Kids & Families, Spanish & Chinese translation for special events, public talks at major venues and meditation outreach to various local organisations and businesses. The center also offers three Foundation Programs (FP) and a Teacher Training Program (TTP).

KMC Los Angeles hosts the California Dharma Celebration as well as weekend courses with various national and international Teachers.

Thriving Spiritual Community

KMC Los Angeles now has seven residents, over 80 students on FP and TTP, and regularly welcomes between 50-100 students at the GP classes.

There is a joyful culture of service within our Sangha,  as over 50 people volunteer on a regular basis. Due to the kindness of our volunteers, as soon as the renovations are completed we will resume Open Hours, as our presence in a busy and walkable neighborhood lends itself to drop-in visits.