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27 February 2024

Inspiration in Colombia and Mexico

This month saw inspiring events in Colombia and Mexico. KMC Colombia welcomed the new Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Atisha, with a very special course, attended by over 100 people and KBC Drolma in Chiapas, Mexico celebrated their 30th anniversary with National Spiritual Director Gen Kelsang Sangden.

Welcoming a new resident teacher in Colombia

On Saturday, February 17, KMC Colombia welcomed the new Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Atisha with a very special course, attended by over 100 people.

In his first teaching in Bogota, Gen Atisha gave special teachings on how to deal with the adversities we all face in our everyday lives, and gave transmission of the heartfelt advice from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso on how we can improve our attitudes and cultivate wisdom in the face of difficulties.

With this course, KMC Colombia enters a new and very auspicious stage in their development. The entire Colombian Sangha gives thanks for the kindness of our Resident Teacher and our precious Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe-la. May holy Kadam Dharma grow in the hearts of all Colombians and spread throughout our country, South America and the entire world.

Visit of Gen Sangden to Chiapas On the 30th anniversary of Kadampa Buddhism in Chiapas

From February 7 to 11, we had the enormous good fortune of welcoming in Chiapas Gen Kelsang Sangden, our National Spiritual Director for Mexico who offered us two public talks, one in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and another in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, as well as a beautiful and meaningful three-day retreat on emptiness.

We held this retreat in the house where Kadam Dharma classes began 30 years ago. Thank you very much Venerable Geshe-la for all these years of teachings, thank you for your company and blessings every day and thank you to all the Teachers and students who with their dedication and love have maintained Dharma during this time in our region. May precious Dharma flourish without ceasing!


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