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29 November 2023

KMC Toulouse - Welcomes Visiting Teachers

Two wonderful events recently took place at KMC Vajravarahi. Visiting teachers came to cherish the community in Toulouse through offering teachings on the significance of loving kindness and how to improve confidence.

Visiting Teacher ROMAIN ABJEAN

In late October, KMC Vajravarahi welcomed Romain Abjean, a teacher from KMC France, for a weekend course. During this event, we explored the teachings on loving-kindness. The open Q&A session helped participants to clarify the meaning of pure love according to Buddhism and how it can benefit those around us.

The Visit of Gen Tonpa

The weekend of November 11-12 marked a special occasion as KMC Toulouse welcomed Gen Tonpa, Resident Teacher at KMC Paris to share insights in a course called "The Golden Rules of Self-Confidence." During this well-attended weekend, everyone was eager to absorb the precious teachings of Buddha.
Additionally, we had the joy of wishing Gen Tonpa a very happy birthday!

IKRC-GC-retreat 3-6image0

Powerful Blessings at the Mountain Retreat


Finding Peace and Letting Go in Swansea, Wales

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Argentina - KMC Cordoba - anniversary -202402 cordoba 10 anios-72

Past, Present and Future at KMC Cordoba – 10th anniversary!

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Spain - KMC Barcelona -IMG-20240211-WA0009

Retreats Drawing to an End