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30 November 2023

Nordic Dharma Celebration 2023

Practitioners from throughout the Nordic region gathered together at KMC Oslo to receive the empowerment of the Wisdom Buddha, Dorje Shugden. We spent the weekend drawing closer to our Spiritual Guide, Je Tsongkhapa and Dorje Shugden, learning to recognise these holy beings as one person with different aspects.

KMC Oslo provided the perfect location for this event with lots of space to socialise and enjoy each other’s company in the break time. The beautiful shrine, homemade cakes and radiant Kadampas offered a lovely contrast to the cold and dark winter conditions outside.

Gen Dragpa reminded us that the practice of Buddhadharma in general and Heart Jewel in particular is about starting and not stopping, “Get on with it, do it and don’t stop”.  Or in the words of Venerable Geshe-la: “Don’t worry, just try”. This approach ensures that we don’t postpone our Dharma practice to some unknown future time and by practicing, our understanding will naturally increase.

We also learnt that adversities are not problems for us if we use them to deepen our patience, renunciation and compassion. Dorje Shugden will help us do this and overcome our most stubborn bad habits. We don’t ever need to be afraid with such a powerful ally and a wise and compassionate guide in our life.


- This was probably the best Nordic Dharma Celebration I have experienced. The event was so well organised, so smooth and everyone, whether old friends or new, really got behind the teachings from Gen Dragpa - which were highly practical and relevant. Everybody was happy to help out with the running of the event. It was like being part of a large and harmonious family. A truly wonderful and meaningful spiritual weekend! Thank you Venerable Geshe-la!
Kadam Tim

- The NDC 2023 was a lovely unifying event; we had the opportunity to meet with old and new like-minded people. I was enjoying the powerful teachings and the empowerment felt profoundly calming. I wish many people in the future can experience the positive transformative energy these events offer.”
Kelsang Lekmo

IKRC-GC-retreat 3-6image0

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