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09 November 2023

ITP Day Celebrations continued

Recently we featured Kadampa Centers around the world celebrating International Temples Project (ITP) Day with a special "movie night". Here we shine the spotlight on three more center's from KMC Los Angeles,  KMC Canada, and Vajrapani KMC in the UK, who also celebrated ITP day in their own distinctive ways.

KMC Los Angeles

"On International Temple's Day, over eighty individuals from diverse backgrounds across Los Angeles and Santa Barbara gathered at KMC Los Angeles, united by the intention to cherish all beings and dedicate the day to world peace.

We understand the fragility of peace and the importance of fostering it within ourselves. As Gen Rigpa highlighted, a peaceful mind resonates, connecting us to others. In meditation, we cultivated closeness to all beings, empathizing with their quest for happiness and freedom from suffering. This set the stage for our Walk for World Peace, an opportunity to deepen connections and relationships.

If you missed the Walk, remember, every day presents a new chance to cultivate positive intentions. And next year, we hope to join together again, in an even larger assembly, continuing our prayers for peace."

- With love KMC Los Angeles

KMC Canada


"We celebrated a successful annual fundraiser for International Temples Project Day tonight.

The evening began with Gen Kelsang Chodor's inspirational talk on Venerable Geshe-la's vision for global temples as a profound public service, highlighting the purpose of the ITP.

Following the enlightening 'The Life of Buddha' movie, we shared a delightful vegetarian meal. A silent auction ran throughout the evening's events.

The night wrapped up with a raffle draw and the announcement of the silent auction winners. A heartfelt thanks to all contributors and participants for supporting the International Temples Project, a lasting gift for future generations."

- Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada

Vajrapani KMC Huddersfield


We had an inspiring day at Vajrapani Centre, learning how to transform life's difficulties into positive experiences with wisdom from Buddha's teachings. Gen Kelsang Lekma showed us how to turn feelings of helplessness into strengths like compassion and joy.

Thank you to everyone who joined us! Keep an eye out for our future events where we continue to explore how to bring happiness to ourselves and those around us. Everyone is welcome!

- Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre


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