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06 November 2023

International Temples Day around the world

Each year Kadampa Centers around the world celebrate International Temples Project (ITP) Day in many different ways. This year many people celebrated together with a special "movie night", featuring a new video feature that showed the  development of the New Kadampa Tradition since its roots and presented new developments from various locations worldwide. Enjoy these photos from all over the world.

Celebrating at the Mother Center - Manjushri KMC

Celebrations around the world

NKT-IKBU New_Kadampa - 2023 - KMC New MexicoKadampa-35

Empowerment Ceremonies Throughout the World

NKT-New_Kadampa - KMC_Portugal 2023Kadampa-2023-DHARMA-018

A Celebration of Wisdom in Portugal


Special event this December at the Mother Center


Two special events in Switzerland 🇨🇭