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09 December 2021

Purification through tantric technology

17th German national festival

This last week over 170 people attended the 17th German National Festival both in-person and online. The Festival was hosted by Tharpaland KMC.

"We had the great good fortune to receive empowerment and teachings from Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU.

"Because of travel difficulties, Gen-la taught remotely from Manjushri KMC, but for those gathered at Tharpaland it was as if she were actually there, so powerful were her teachings and so warm and inspiring her virtual presence.

"Gen-la granted the blessing empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva and gave extraordinary teachings on how to integrate the four opponent powers of purification into daily life.

"The meditations were led by Salome Werth, Resident Teacher at KMC Dresden, and the retreat was guided by Gen Kelsang Ananda, National Spiritual Director for Germany.

"For everyone it was a precious time for cleansing and healing, and another powerful reminder that despite the difficult times in which we are living, Kadam Dharma is flourishing and bringing much inspiration and comfort to people around the world.

"Thank you Gen-la, and especially thank you Venerable Geshe-la for always holding us in your protective embrace."

What people are saying

'Gen-la gave a commentary to the sadhana Meditation and Recitation of Vajrasattva, with a strong emphasis on helping us to become skillful practitioners who integrate purification practice broadly into daily life.

'Based on Venerable Geshe-la’s various books and teachings, we learned to place blame correctly - not only when things go wrong in daily life, but especially also when we encounter obstacles in our practice.

'We improved our understanding of the four powers of purification and she beautifully relayed Venerable Geshe-la's recommendation to use Tantric technology as the power of the opponent force, to harness the power of correct imagination to bring the result of a pure self into being.'


'Gen-la skilfully and kindly guided us on a beautiful journey on how to practically purify our mind moment by moment throughout our busy daily life.

'By understanding where our suffering is coming from, learning to ‘blame correctly’ and understanding clearly how the four opponent powers are functioning within our mind, we naturally feel very inspired to purify.

'In this way we can rely upon the supreme practice of meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva and through the power of correct imagination abide in ‘the space of faith and wisdom' - this is a pure mind.'


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