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01 June 2021


DAY 5 ~ Taking to heart

"We contemplated the paths of the intermediate scope looking at all of the unbearable sufferings of our past lives and our countless future lives if we don’t escape from samsara. We thought about that a lot until we generated this mind of renunciation. 'I must leave, now.'

We now need to do this on behalf of others. We need to contemplate how they’re all suffering in exactly the same way. We are no different from anyone else. We are just the same. Every one of us is equal in this ocean of samsara. We are drowning in the ocean of samsara. They are drowning in the ocean of samsara."

Yesterday, Gen-la continued with his wonderful commentary to the prayer by introducing the meditations on the great scope. He concluded in the second session with a commentary to the Tantric verses and strong encouragement to practice this prayer daily. The session finished with many auspicious prayers.

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Why We Need to Contemplate Death

Kadampa Buddhism
Kadampa Buddhism
Why We Need to Contemplate Death

Gaining A Death Awareness

and now for some retreat

Today we begin a brief retreat guided by Gen Rabten. This is a wonderful opportunity to take to heart the teachings we have just received. The retreat will be based on the Request to the Lord of All Lineages prayer.

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How attachment deceives us ~ Gen-la Khyenrab

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enjoying retreat ~ gen-la khyenrab

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KMC argentina

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international kadampa family online

Thank you for all your wonderful contributions - way more than we could publish! Submissions are now closed for this Festival. See you at the Summer Festival

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rosana & diana, spain

nubia, Scotland

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kelsang prajna, malaysia

SprF KP KG May 01

Here is a snapshot from Penang.

Thank you so much for all the Festival videos, snapshots, video stories.


Cristiá, Mexico


I'm truly inspired by the teachings of our dear Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso during this spring festival and the clarity of the presentations from Gen-la Khyenrab and Gen Sangden. May everyone be happy!

Gisella, Argentina

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-28 at 20.47.53

We are very happy to be able to participate in this online festival.

For us, from Argentina, it is a unique opportunity to be part of these festivals that, as Gueshela says: they are the special method to maintain the International Union of Kadampa Buddhism generation after generation.

To be able to transform this pandemic into the possibility of developing ourselves spiritually is a fortune. Thank you Gueshela !!

tina, UK

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“Appearance and emptiness are like blue and the sky."

This morning, above our beautiful meditation room, a cloudless Manchester sky turned a gorgeous shade of blue, just waiting for Gen-la Khyenrab to explain this perfect analogy.

Liz, UK


I am so happy to have received Buddha Shakyamunni empowerment and deepen my faith and gratitude for his teachings, without which we would not have any escape route from samsara. My cat Suzie has been taking part too and we have found the meditations very relaxing.

Thank you to Gen-la Khyenrab for clear, inspiring teachings and to all of the volunteers who have helped to bring this special event to our homes once again. Liz - Staffordshire, UK💖🙏

maru, argentina

20210528_201249 (1)

I was so much looking forward to this Festival. I'm so very happy to able to participate.

Even though it is through a screen, I can feel very powerful blessings. I am convinced that these Festivals are the best solution for the difficult situation we are going through as a society.

I hope everyone can attend a Festival at least once in their life!



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With the verses covered by Gen-la this morning, we switched focus to the development of great scope motivations, which are mostly hinted at except for the meditation on exchanging self with others, highlighting self-cherishing as the root of suffering.

As Venerable Geshe-la explains in How to Transform Your Life, self-cherishing and self-grasping are close companions, “almost mixed together”. Gen-la pointed out that self-cherishing is relatively easy to spot, and so even if we maybe don’t understand emptiness very well yet we can begin to undermine our samsara close to the actual root (self-grasping).

Gen-la encouraged us to really pay attention and understand that every time something goes wrong in our life, we are experiencing a result of self-cherishing. Even just recognising our true enemy, self-cherishing, in the moment of suffering will already bring great relief because it moves our mind away from fretting about our self and puts the enemy center stage instead, giving us something truly productive to do.

As I was listening to the various faults I couldn’t help but think that self-cherishing even makes our meditation on the emptiness of the self harder because it considers the self too important to forget, as indispensable, and so it sabotages our meditation on emptiness of the self. If we cared less about the self that we normally see in addition to understanding that self-grasping needs to be eliminated, I bet we’d find emptiness meditation on the self wayyyyyy easier, too.



I’m writing from KMC Vancouver Canada where a small group of residents and a couple of visitors are following the Spring Festival according to the schedule at Manjushri KMC in our local time in our meditation room.

We are almost the last place to be listening to each of the Spring Festival teachings as the world listens, contemplates and meditates on the sublime meanings of the festival teachings and meditations. For instance, when we engaged in the two meditations to prepare for the empowerment, after I chatted briefly with someone else who was rejoicing in the empowerment they just received!

So amazing to see our NKT Spring Festival cover the entire globe with commentary to the Request to the Lord of all Lineages prayer and have the opportunity to meet some of our Teachers and through them our holy Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, and the blessings of the entire lineage.

Quietly in awe here, rejoicing at how Geshe-la transforms every condition into opportunities to share the meanings of Kadam Dharma with the entire world.

It is like the whole world is listening to, contemplating and meditating on the meaning of the Request to the Lord of All Lineages Prayer!


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This year, as last year, we have created an online Festival Shop where you can purchase high-quality Dharma items and gift items as well as all your Tharpa items. Your purchases will be securely packed and promptly shipped to any country in the world.