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06 February 2021

Arizona Mountain Retreat update

As the 2021 Mountain Retreat at IKRC Grand Canyon enters its final two weeks here is an inspiring update on this precious event with a brief video of Gen-la Jampa, Deputy Spiritual Director of NKT and Resident Teacher at the center, giving encouragement to the retreaters. So far over 200 people from eleven countries have engaged in the retreat.

"Being at the winter retreats every year is the most meaningful way start to the year. I haven't missed one since the IKRC appeared because the benefits continue throughout the year. I am so lucky and grateful to have this incredible place of refuge, with the kindest people, nourishing food, lovely accommodations and glorious teachings. " Olivia

"I have been coming to IKRC since the property was purchased and the first developments were underway. Over the years, I have attended many teachings here, and this is my third mountain retreat. No matter what the event, I have always had a magical experience at IKRC. It is an indescribably precious place. Mountain Retreats in particular has been deeply healing experiences for me, that have profoundly inspired my Dharma practice. I plan to continue coming every year." Roozbeh