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07 February 2021

Fire pujas online with Genla Dekyong

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As a result of requests from many students,  Manjushri KMC has received special permission as a one-off to offer Heruka and Vajrayogini fire pujas live-streamed internationally.

Gen-la Dekyong, Spiritual Director of NKT, will preside over both fire pujas online for those who have completed a counting retreat but have not been able to attend a fire puja at a center due to current travel restrictions.

The pujas will also be open to those who have previously successfully completed a counting retreat and qualified to take part. Successful completion of a Vajrayogini counting retreat qualifies you to attend the Vajrayogini fire puja and successful completion of a Heruka counting retreat qualifies you to attend the Heruka fire puja.

The pujas will be live-streamed from Manjushri  KMC at the following times:

  • Vajrayogini Fire Puja - Friday March 5, 8 am (UK time)
  • Heruka Fire Puja - Sunday March 7, 8 am (UK time)

Both pujas begin with preliminary prayers at 8am.

For more information and booking please see Manjushri KMC website.