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13 September 2020

Canadian National Festival

Gentle wisdom from a gentle teacher

This weekend the people of Canada are enjoying the Canadian National Festival with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab the National Spiritual Director for Canada and Resident Teacher at KMC Canada.

Gen-la has only just returned to Canada after six months teaching the ITTP at Manjushri Centre, but he has hit the ground running with an exciting program as you will see from their website.

Gen-la pre-recorded the empowerment and teachings at Manjushri just before leaving but for the people of Canada it is as if they are being given right there in their country.

Enjoy this sublime teaching from the introduction and some wonderful photos from the first couple of days.

Wisdom Buddha empowerment
Gen-la began the empowerment by explaining what it means to receive a Blessing empowerment and especially to receive this Manjushri empowerment.

He introduced us to Buddha Manjushri the Wisdom Buddha and clarified the difference between wisdom and intelligence.

Then Gen-la explained all the steps for receiving this empowerment including the importance of doing this with a pure bodhichitta motivation, a wish to attain enlightenment to be able to benefit all living beings.

Immeasurable teaching
In the afternoon teaching, Gen-la explained the sadhana Treasury of Wisdom,  beginning with a truly inspiring teaching on the  beautiful practice of the four immeasurables.

In particular, Gen-la explained how equanimity could solve most of the world’s problems.

‘We are wishing that all living beings attain this mind of equanimity. How wonderful! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if everybody could have this mind of equanimity, this balanced mind?

'Wherever you go, whoever you meet, that person would have no strong attachment,  no strong anger. That person would have a balanced mind.

'You also would have a balanced mind because you’re practicing equanimity.

'It seems to me, that just this is enough to solve most of the world’s problems - everyone having a balanced feeling towards everyone else; a warm, friendly feeling.'